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NetLetter #1450 | November 28, 2020
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Registration CF-TMN - DC-9-32CF
Cargo Configuration - YYZ July 1974
Note the Montreal Olympics logo on the fuselage
Photo courtesy of Gary Vincent

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Reader's Feedback

Subscriber Feedback

From Darryl Lyons (retired),

"Attached is a link to a virtual tour of the BC Aviation Museum that my daughter, Jennifer, did. She is an Air Canada B-787 First Officer (I retired from AC 30 years ago) and has found herself with extra time on her hands due to the virus. She is still flying, but with reduced hours".

Editors' note: We hope that Ms. Lyons and all active employees return to full hours soon.

Click the image below to view the virtual tour. The museum is located adjacent to the Victoria, B.C. airport (YYJ).

tmb 550 bc aviation museum

Vic Bentley sends us this information regarding the group of photos in the 'Submitted Photos' section of NetLetter #1447 -

tmb 250 unknown aircraft 1This mystery aircraft got my attention, it just had to be a 'Ryan', the same model as Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic. No one else put the fancy metal finish on those old bush planes.

Here’s what I dug up:

Ryan B-1 Brougham G-CAHR Yukon Airways & Exploration Ltd 'Queen of the Yukon’ Registered March 22, 1928.

Note: Crashed into tree Whitehorse, Yukon, May 5, 1928.

tmb 550 g cahr

The first commercial airplane to operate in the Yukon was the Ryan B-1 Brougham christened 'Queen of the Yukon'. It was purchased new by Yukon Airways and Exploration Company Ltd., owners Andy Cruickshank and Clyde Wann, at the factory in San Diego in 1927.

Purchase price was $10,260. A stock version of Charles Lindbergh’s highly modified Ryan, she was touted as the sister ship to the famous Spirit of St. Louis, in which he made his famous transatlantic flight.

After only seven months in service, including two forced landings and less than two dozen revenue flights logged, on May 5th, 1928, pilot Tommy Stephens encountered a gusty crosswind while attempting to land in Whitehorse, and crashed the Queen into the company agent’s Model T-Ford, ending her Yukon service career. The pilot and two passengers survived with minor injuries.

Below is a similar model: CF-ATA

There are many more at:

tmb 550 cf ata

tmb 250 whitehorse flying schoolThis aircraft in the photo of the person at the Whitehorse Flying School looks very much like a Fleet Canuck.

The Flying School Museum has a photo of a flying example: 

For anyone interested in researching old time aircraft in Canada, have a look at:

If you are interested in aviation history and have time on your hands, go to your local aviation museum.

Better still, become a volunteer and meet lots of other interesting people! Oh yes, our museum has lots of other exhibits relating to The NetLetter.

tmb 550 cf hou

Editors' note:

Here are a few more websites our readers may enjoy:

The Yukon Transportation Museum

Heritage Yukon

Readers Photos

Submitted Photos

In addition to his comments on the Yukon photos, Vic Bentley also sent us these photos from Langley, B.C. Airport.

Click the aircraft registration to view details at:

The Canadian Museum of Flight

Douglas DC-3 CF-PWH
tmb cf pwh
Lockheed Lodestar CF-TCY in storage awaiting restoration.
tmb 550 cf tcy

Another photo of a newspaper cutting from the collection of Mary Ellen Harrison -

Graduates of the Brant-Norfolk Aero Club now with our Company were honored at a dinner marking the 27th anniversary of the Club. W. F. English, right, is shown with the former members.

They are, from the left: First Officers Howard Campbell and Howard Franklin, Captain Bruce Bowden, First Officer Harry Dycke, Captains Gath Edward, Bob Shmuck and Neil Bennett, First Officers Frank Chowan and Frank Young, Operations Manager, Toronto and Mr. English. 

Editors' note: The cutting is undated.

tmb 550 brant norfolk grads

Remember When

  Remember When

This, a first in a series, appeared in the "Horizons" magazine issue dated February 1996.

Life as a 'Con', by Annette Malvar

"Con", the word evokes so many different, and sometimes unflattering images.

When I first started working at Air Canada, references were constantly being made to this "con" or that "con". I was intrigued. Who are these people? Did we have a special contract with the Canadian government for the carriage of prisoners? Why weren't we told about this in training? Even after I found out, I couldn't remember the real definition for the longest time. Probably because my first encounters with the word had conjured up other, more devious images.

In time however, I reconciled myself with the more mundane truth and began to enjoy the fruits of being a con. Yes, I am one of them and it's time to speak out and let the stories be recounted.

I think we can all agree whether we fly as cons once a year with our spouses and seven kids, or whether we fly alone to a different destination every weekend, being a con is an experience.

Over the next few months. I shall be relating some of these. Some are standard fare in training classes. As examples of 'do's and don’ts I'll be bringing you hints on travel or for small talk with your seat partner, the top ten attractions (distractions) of the Rapidair lounge in Toronto and how travelling with a friend and fellow con can be very straining on a relationship.

In the meantime, remember the time you were comfortably seated in the plane, only to hear your name being broadcast through the cabin? Nooooooo! However, I digress....

Editor's note (from original article): As a complement to Annette's anecdotes, Yaffa Bouskila will be providing readers with expert advice on travel privileges.


Women in Aviation

ninety nine emblemIn NetLetter #1444 we published details of the commemorative stamps issued by the East Canada Section of the Ninety-Nines in order to celebrate Canadian women pilots representing various flying careers.

Please note that these stamps cannot be purchased at Canada Postal outlets but are available at:

tmb melissa haneyIssued at Inukjuaq, Quebec on August 15, 2017.

Honouring Air Inuit’s first Inuk female Captain on the anniversary of her promotion August 15, 2016,

Melissa Haney has been blazing the way for Inuit women while serving her northern community.

Melissa began her career with Air Inuit as a flight attendant. She learned the vagaries of weather in the north and became familiar with the route up the coast of Hudson Bay. But she knew she wanted to fly the plane!

She learned to fly in southern Canada in a comparatively moderate climate. There were several airports available, often within a few miles of each other – with much longer runways than required. She now flies a Dash 8 Combi-300, which can carry 45 passengers and 4000 pounds of cargo, requiring a runway of at least 3,280 feet.

She frequently lands on 3,500 ft. runways! Winters on her routes, with storms, blustery winds and poor visibilities, last longer than in southern Canada. But she loves it, “Seeing Nunavik from that angle, I am able to see all the villages, the wildlife, the icebergs.”

AC News

Air Canada News

Air Canada To Convert Boeing 767's Into Dedicated Freighters

As Air Canada reported its third-quarter financial results Monday, the airline said it is looking to convert some of its recently retired Boeing 767's into dedicated cargo-only aircraft. 


More in 'Featured Video' section below.

News release, November 27, 2020

Air Canada Provides Update on Cargo Business

  • Jason Berry appointed Vice-President, Cargo
  • Air Canada Pilots ratify collective agreement amendment to enable Air Canada to competitively operate dedicated cargo aircraft in the cargo marketplace.

Air Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Berry as Vice President, Cargo effective January 1, 2021. Mr. Berry will be based at Air Canada's Montreal headquarters, and will report directly to Lucie Guillemette, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

Air Canada today also provided an update on its cargo business and the next steps in its strategic plan as the airline continues to adapt rapidly to evolving market opportunities. To date, Air Canada has operated more than 3,500 all-cargo flights globally, and the airline is now finalizing plans to convert several of its owned Boeing 767-300ER aircraft to freighters to fully participate in global cargo commercial opportunities.

Full story at

tmb 550 b767 cargo

Air Canada Rouge relaunches with Cancun flight.

Air Canada Rouge on November 2, 2020 flew passengers from Toronto to Cancun, Mexico, marking the first time it has operated since the start of the coronavirus pandemic travel downturn in March.

(Source: November 3, 2020)

click here redfor the latest posts at the Air Canada Mediaroom.

you tube linkClick the logo to open the Air Canada YouTube channel. 

Star Alliance News

Star Alliance News

A review of Singapore Airlines' Airbus A380 restaurant in business class.

Fasten your seat belt as we take you on our journey which culminates in a limited-edition 5-course meal on the world’s largest passenger aircraft run by one of the best airlines in the world!


tmb 550 a380 restaurant

Air New Zealand bringing back Mystery Breaks program.

Air New Zealand announced it is bringing back its Mystery Breaks program, where travellers pay a flat fee to book an entire vacation package with the airline and agree not to find out their destination until two days before they leave.

The packages let travellers choose from three tiers—Great, Deluxe or Luxury—and they can select the dates they wish to travel and one place they are not interested in going.

(Source: CNN,  October 19, 2020)


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

tmb enroute dec 2013Here is the cover of the enRoute magazine issued December 2013.

The full issue is available at:

  • 1995
    • November 1,  Inaugural non-stop service between Toronto and St. Louis, Missouri.
    • December 1, 'Electronic Ticketing' came to Air Canada.
      • Initially, 'ET' was tested on a pilot route and offered to customers paying by credit card with Calgary, Regina or Winnipeg as their origin and destination.
  • 1996
    • January 8, Commencement of non-stop service between Toronto - Philadelphia.

Below is a photo of the winners, for the second consecutive year, in the Trans-Canada Air Lines Recreational Association (TCARA) System Curling Bonspiel for 1959.

The Toronto rink from is made up of:

Captain Bill Finlay, 'Skip' ; and Captains Art Hollingsworth, Jake Arnott, and "Dusty" Miller.

The Toronto rink defeated Calgary in the final to win the Pink Trophy. Calgary went on to host the 1960 Bonspiel. 

tmb 550 bonspiel winners

tmb 550 horizons classic

Found in the “Horizons” magazine.

Issue dated August 1995.

On June 19, 1995, Air Canada began non-stop service between Washington, D.C.'s National Airport and Montreal and Toronto making it the first non-U.S. airline to operate scheduled flights into National Airport.

Dorval's ramp team were geared up for the Washington inaugural and gave the new route a big thumbs up.

Standing in front of the CL-65, registration, C-FRIL are John Killeen, Station Attendant; Gerry Dagenais, Lead Station Attendant; Bob Imhoff, Station Attendant and Douglas Noel, Station Attendant.

tmb 550 washington inaugural ramp crew

tmb washington staffIn this photo, Valerie Golowaty and Chrystelle Maglio, Customer Sales Service Agents work Gate 20 in Washington. 

Issued dated September 1995.

Here we have this photo of the Tampa Reservations Office.

The Tampa Reservations receives calls from Continental U.S.A., including Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean. The Reservations office moved from New York to Tampa in March of 1991.

Air Canada has been a tenant of one of the most functional airports in North America, Tampa Airport, for more than 45 years. The first flight landed on April 2, 1950.

From left to right: Customer Sales & Service Agents, Robert Stork, Cohost/Reward; Leslie Field-Bell, Lead Training Department; Virginia Robinson, Ticketing; Catherine Hattais, Groups; Janice Williams, Rates; Tony Iudica, Media and Janice Riccillo, Prepaids.

tmb 550 tampa staff

Issue dated November 1995.

Frankfurt Reservation staff eagerly await the launch of Air Canada's new direct service linking Vancouver and Calgary directly to Frankfurt with three weekly departures.

Shown are: Domenico Carola, Maritta Rauschmayr, Elke Strunkheide, Iris Weiermann, Werner Riedl, Karda DengizKerstin Wahl and Silke Muller.

tmb 550 frankfurt staff

Issued dated June 1996.

First employee of TCA is honoured.

Major Donald Roderick MacLaren (1893-1988) had a brilliant flying career and also had the honour of being the first employee of Trans-Canada Air Lines in 1937.

MacLaren helped select the first flight crews for the national airline and continued to work on the west coast for TCA in various capacities, including Director of Passenger Services, until his retirement in 1958. His contributions to Canadian aviation were recognized by the Air Force Officers' Association in Vancouver. The members had a bronze bust of MacLaren placed at the Vancouver International Airport.

The bust is (was) located in the concourse leading to the new terminal.

Editors' note: Has anyone noticed if this bust is still visible? 

Additional reference:

Read more about Major MacLaren's distinguished RCAF career at:


tmb 550 don maclaren

Keith Macdonald, Manager, Customer Service - Operations at Vancouver, (third from right) was honoured at a retirement dinner after more than 28 years of service.

Not one to take it easy, Keith has gone on to a new career as Airside Duty Manager with the Vancouver Airport Authority.

From left to right: Airport Managers Laureen Davies, Kevin Gleason, Dave Burn, Keith Macdonald, Rob Ramage, General Manager, Customer Service  B.C. and Glen Steeves.

tmb 550 horizons


CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery

CP Air Banner

Heather Johannson sent us this information to share -

I thought you might find this interesting enough to put in The NetLetter. I believe we are the last remaining CAIRE group.

All those newly retired/laid off employees, some of which may have relocated to the Okanagan, might be interested in joining us for lunch once we are over the pandemic.

Heather Johannson 

C.A.I.R.E. – History and Welcome 

Canadian Airlines International Retired Employees (C.A.I.R.E) is a not-for-profit, non-registered organization. Its mandate is to promote a social environment for retired Canadian Airline International Employees. The organization was founded in the fall of 1992. The first meeting was called by Harvey Jones and was held at the Westbank United Church hall. The association was to be known as C.A.I.R.E. - Chapter 6.

The first group getting together included Ed James, Russ and Dorothy Bass, Harvey and Ester Jones, Don and Joyce Smith, Roy and Joyce Edwards, Harry and Betty Beeson, Val and Shirley Vaillancourt, Murray and Olga Byrnes.

Other founding members were Vern Swerdfeger and Glenn Jeffrey. Ed James was the first President. The organization does not elect an Executive, however the Executive Committee is formed by volunteers for the following positions: Restaurant Coordinator(s) – sometimes to be shared, Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Officer and 50/50 Officers.

tmb caire 1The group meets eight times per year: March, April, May, June in the spring, and September, October, November and December in the fall.

Each luncheon is scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month, with the exception of the Special Christmas Luncheon, which takes place on the second Wednesday in December.

The meetings take place at various restaurants selected and booked by the Restaurant Coordinator usually a few months in advance. At each luncheon, the participants gather just before noon and enjoy a time of socializing and reconnecting. The lunch is normally ready about 1:00 pm.

Three types of lunches are available:

1) Plated and served by the restaurant staff at a fixed price; the meal sometimes includes one or two choices and sometimes includes only one option.

2) Ordered individually by each Employee and paid individually.

3) Buffet-style meal at a fixed price, paid for either individually or corporately by the treasurer. Each meeting also includes the sale of 50/50 tickets with half of the total monies collected going to the winning ticket and half to the C.A.I.R.E account.

If present, the Treasurer will present a financial report to the membership. The financial year runs from January 1 to December 31. The dues of $5.00 per person or $10.00 per couple can be paid in advance as early as October for the following year. This applies particularly to those going south for the winter and not coming back until the March luncheon or later. Once a restaurant is booked, the place and date are included in the semi-annual schedule and distributed to the membership by email and is updated with each confirmed booking.

The volunteer callers each have their own list of members to contact according to their region and report to the Restaurant Coordinator no later than Sunday evening prior the Wednesday’s upcoming luncheon. The Christmas luncheon includes a Christmas Dinner, door prizes, and an array of Christmas presents purchased with the available funds and distributed according to each member with a matching ticket number. Members come from as far north as Enderby and as far south as Oliver. We always welcome new members and encourage existing ones to promote this group to newcomers to the Okanagan Valley. We hope that the above answers most of your questions about this fun group.

Should you require more information, feel free to contact Claude LaHaye at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Claude LaHaye, President

Monique LaHaye, Secretary

tmb caire 2 tmb caire 3

tmb info canadian

From the "InfoCanadi>n" magazine. 

Issue dated May 1989.

New leisure marketing arm formed.

Canadian Holidays has been established to coordinate the tour products of Treasure Tours and Canadian Airlines Charter Department effective May 1, 1989.

“A wholly owned subsidiary of PWA Corporation, Canadian Holidays will ensure the successful and coordinated growth in the leisure travel market, for both Canadian and the new Canadian
Holidays- Treasure Tours products," said Errol Francis, President. 

Issue dated July 1989.

165 pounds, give or take 10,000.

When people check their weight, they jump on a bathroom scale, or a scale in their doctor's office. But what do you do when it is time to weigh a 500,000 pound aircraft as required every five years by Ministry of Transport regulations?

In the past, maintenance had to prepare an aircraft for weighing by removing everything not considered part of the basic aircraft, lifting the aircraft off the ground using hydraulic jacks with electronic measuring devices, taking a weight reading, lowering the aircraft, rotating the location of the measuring devices, re-lifting the aircraft and taking an average of the weights recorded. The process was time consuming and arduous work which required a set of aircraft jacks, an item not available at all maintenance bases.

Now with a newly acquired set of electronic scales, the first of their type in Canada, maintenance need only prepare the aircraft, push it onto portable, self-contained scales

Setting the scales to zero before the big weigh-in are from left to right:

Tom Moeller, air engineer, Mark Lim, aircraft mechanic and Claude LaHaye, crew chief. 

tmb 550 time to diet

Issue dated September 1989.

Lysander Lane family day.

"Family Day" at Vancouver's new Lysander Lane facility took place October 21, 1989 from 10:30 to 14:30; the building was officially opened October 20.

Employees and their families were able to see the new facility and tour the departments hosted by the employees from each area.

Working their first reservations shift at the new Lysander facility are:

Jonina Kirton (background) and Shelia Arif, reservations agents, staffing the Canadian Plus and commercial accounts lines. Despite the move in progress, the reservations system did not experience any abnormal shutdown while switching facilities according to Colin Stevens, manager Vancouver reservations.

tmb 550 cpa lysander lane facility

Effective October 29, 1989, Business Class in the B-767-300ER was enhanced with an increased seat pitch to 45 inches providing 42 seats in Canadian Business Class taking over the First Class section. Economy class was expanded from 145 seats to 180 seats.

Issue dated October 1989.

Boeing 747 named after Max Ward.

Canadian's first B-747-400 will bear the name of aviation pioneer Maxwell W. Ward when it is delivered in October 1990. The aircraft was dedicated to Ward September 27, 1989 at a Toronto function, which also saw the announcement of his appointment to the board of Canadian Airlines International. It will be the first B-747-400 in Canada and has been assigned tail number 881.

Marjorie Ward looks on as Max Ward, right, accepts a commemorative B-747-400 model bearing his name from Rhys Eyton, President, Chairman and C. E. O. of Canadian Airlines.

tmb 550 max ward 747

Featured Video

 Featured Video(s)

Des hôtesses d'Air Canada en 1964

Subscriber Richard Begin told us about this video from the Radio Canada Archives.

"Here is something I stumbled on. It might be appreciated here. Francine Poitras, the first to be interviewed, was one of my FA instructors back in 1970". Cheers, Richard

Editors' note: Commentary is in French. Clearly visible at the 1 minute mark is a certificate with the 'Trans-Canada Air Lines / Air Canada' title as was used at the time.

tmb 550 flt attendants

Videographer Alex Praglowski has posted a video in which he discusses Air Canada's past history with dedicated freighters and the possibility of returning to the growing cargo market.
tmb 550 b767 cargo video

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

tmb turkish airlinesName this airline – answer below.

The Klein 'Air Car', whose name is a pretty accurate description, took its first meaningful test flight last week and now theoretically heads into the uncharted territory of marketability. The vehicle, which has a pusher prop, folding wings and extendable twin tail booms, seems to look and behave like both of the modes of transportation its name evokes.

It completed two full patterns of an airport in Slovakia, reaching 1500 feet AGL. The latest test flights came after weeks of short hops down the runway. In flight, the 'Air Car' appeared stable and didn’t seem to require any extreme inputs to keep it in the air.

“The key flight parameters confirmed all theoretical concepts and calculations that the development of the 'Air Car ' was based on,” the company said in a news release.

In those theories and math are goals that appear as lofty as the technical achievement of creating an Air Car worthy of the name. 


tmb 550 air car

Worlds largest wing span.

In this May 31, 2017 photo provided by Stratolaunch Systems Corp, the newly built Stratolaunch aircraft is moved out of its hangar for the first time in Mojave, California.

Prior to his death on Monday, Oct 15, 2018, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, invested large sums in technology ventures, research projects and philanthropies, some of them eclectic and highly speculative.

Outside of bland assurances from his investment company, no one seems quite sure what happens now. One of Allen's more esoteric ventures is Stratolaunch, which is building an enormous twin-fuselage jet aircraft designed to launch satellites from high attitudes.


tmb 550 largest wing span

Jimmy Stewart Cessna 310 Monument Dedicated.

tmb jimmy stewart aircraftA 1961 Cessna 310F once owned by World War II aviator and movie star James M. (Jimmy) Stewart was dedicated as a monument last month after an extensive restoration effort. Located at Indiana County Jimmy Stewart Airport (KIDI) in Stewart’s hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania, the monument is the result of five and a half years of work undertaken by Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 993. The project was funded by a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed for the purpose.

According to EAA 993, Stewart’s 310, N6775X, was found in derelict condition at Dallas Executive Airport (KRBD) in 2015.

KIDI and the Jimmy Stewart Museum expressed interest in acquiring the aircraft, which was missing its engines, propellers and assorted other parts. Led by Harold Wood, EAA 993 agreed to take on the project, putting in an estimated 6,500 hours on the restoration and monument construction. The organization says it is currently raising funds to build a children’s playground around the monument. 



Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articles

 DC-9-15RC (Rapid Change)

Reports that Air Canada is considering utilizing older B-767's to expand its cargo market reminded me of images I have seen of DC-9's in freighter configuration and livery from the 1970's. I have been curious about these aircraft for some time now.

The last aircraft used in dedicated cargo configuration were the DC-8-60/70's which were all retired in the mid 1990's. The B-747 Combi's that followed were retired in the mid 2000's. 

I originally explored the DC-9-15RC's in my article from NL #1342 back in July 2016 when, quite surprisingly, most of these aircraft were still in service with Ameristar of Dallas, Texas. I checked into their current status and, even more surprisingly, four of them are still in service as per

As these aircraft had already left (or were about to leave) the AC fleet by the time I started in 1980, I asked Terry, Ken and Bob if they had any info to share.

Terry extracted info from some past issues of 'Horizons' magazine.

From issue #365, May 1972

Three DC-9s have been added to the company's jet fleet from Continental Airlines at a cost of some $6 million, the short" 9's are convertible models and can be used for either passengers or freight.

"The three new aircraft will initially be used to replace some propeller-turbine Viscount equipment, an aircraft type the company plans to phase out by May 1, 1973 next year.

From issue #407, March 1974

The DC-9 is more than a passenger carrier. Several airlines operate freighter and convertible passenger-freighter models.

Air Canada, for example, provides cargo service linking Toronto and Montreal five nights week with Canada's Atlantic provinces. In a month, the overnight service transported close to 26,000 pounds of freight, mail and express nightly on the eastbound flights.

The freighter is kept busy flying about ten hours each of the five days it operates on routes that measure up to 1,000 miles nonstop. With the hours it flies and the needed cargo it carries, the DC-9 is purely and simply a workhorse. "It doesn't do anything spectacular but  work,"' said L. C. Dales, Air Canada's market development manager, cargo.

Ken provides some information on a unique aircraft that was a part of this venture but not mentioned in my original article.

Registration # CF-TMN (Fin # 771),  a DC-9-32CF (pictured in the header of this NetLetter issue) was acquired from U.S. charter carrier Overseas National Airways in 1973. I believe it was only used as a freighter while with AC and was sold to Southern Airways in 1977 who used it as a passenger aircraft.  It had the same longer fuselage as AC's large fleet of passenger DC-9-32's.

That CF-TMN registration was used on two different AC DC-9s. It had previously been briefly used on a new DC-9-32 delivered in January 1969, Fin 739. It was one of two new DC-9's delivered that month, also CF-TMM, Fin 738. Both of those aircraft only spent 2 months with AC before going to Air Jamaica in March 1969. AC recycled that registration on the DC-9-32CF in 1973. 

The text below is Gary Vincent's comments accompanying is photo of CF-TMN posted at

Air Canada loved the DC-9, but this freighter was only around for a relatively short time. Originally delivered to Overseas National Airways November 11, 1967, Air Canada bought it in May 1973.

AC sold it to Southern Airways in October 1977 to revert to it's original registration, N932F. Merged into North Central Airlines to form Republic, the DC-9 was again sold, this time to the US Navy.

With Bu number 163036 it became the "City of Philadelphia" and was finally struck off strength July 15, 2003. It was moved to NAS Fort Worth in Texas for ground training.

Below is an excerpt from Horizons issue #367, June 1972 announcing the introduction of the DC-9 freighters replacing the Vanguard cargo fleet.  Click the image for full size to read the text. 

Editor's note from Wayne: Thanks to Gary Vincent for use of his photo and to Terry and Ken for their contributions.

tmb 550 367 cargo


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

Answer for the mystery airline in Odds and Ends.

Turkish Airlines (Turkish: Türk Hava Yolları) is the national flag carrier of Turkey. As of August 2019, it operates scheduled services to 315 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, making it the largest mainline carrier in the world by number of passenger destinations.

The airline serves more destinations non-stop from a single airport than any other airline in the world, and flies to 126 countries, more than any other airline. A fleet of 364 aircraft includes an operational fleet of 24 cargo aircraft, the airline's cargo division serves 82 destinations.

The airline's corporate headquarters are at the Turkish Airlines General Management Building on the grounds of Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Yeşilköy, Bakırköy, Istanbul. Istanbul Airport in Arnavutköy is the airline's main base, and there are secondary hubs at Ankara Esenboğa Airport and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Turkish Airlines has been a member of the Star Alliance network since April 1, 2008.


U.S. cruise industry will extend suspension through December 31.

The cruise industry will extend its suspension of U.S. cruise operations through December 31, 2020, an industry group that represents 95% of global ocean-going cruise capacity said on November 3, 2020.




Our cartoon is by Flight Ops and was found in the “Horizons” magazine issue dated March 1996.
tmb 550 flt ops humour


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Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker
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