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NetLetter #1456 | March 01, 2021
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CP Air DC-8-63 C-FCPS 'Empress of Sydney'
YYZ May 1980
Photo courtesy of Gary Vincent

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Coming Events

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association ( has added two Aviator Showcase events to its 2021 programming.

The first showcase is scheduled to take place at Manassas, Virginia’s Manassas Regional Airport (KHEF) on Aug. 27, 2021.

The second will be held at Fort Worth Alliance Airport (KAFW) in Fort Worth, Texas, on Oct. 1, 2021.


tmb 550 aopa event

Reader's Feedback

Subscriber Feedback

Doug Seagrim read Norm Foster's article in NetLetter #1455 and wanted the record corrected -

In Norm Foster’s article about getting hired by TCA, the person who did all the hiring was G.K. Gath Edward, not "Edwards".

He is not alone here but just wanted to correct the name of the man who hired so many of us, myself included.

Thank you,

Doug Seagrim

David Edward also pointed out the correction -

Norm Foster's story regarding his hiring is typical of how the hiring process was done in the 50's and onwards. Just one small correction, the gentleman who did the hiring was Gath 's' on the name. Check the name on the telegram for confirmation.

As an aside, when I retired, after 40 years, my retirement plaque had an 's' on it as well. A lot of folks had a hard time with spelling the Edward last name.

Cheers...David Edward...retired 1998.

Johanne Racine also refers to the Norm Foster article in NetLetter #1455 and sends this information -

Thank you to Captain Norm Foster for his inspiring message. I have sent it to my young son who has similar background and graduated from Pilot College with a commercial pilot license as Covid started.

He now works very long and hard hours on the ramp in northern Ontario, hoping to get, one day, his seat in the cockpit. This inspiring and encouraging text will give him wind under his wings.

Kindest regards, Johanne Racine, Ex-Air Canada Flight Attendant

Editors' Note: We strive to be accurate and respectful in identifying people in our articles. When  we do make a spelling error, we appreciate being corrected.

Please feel free to advise us if you notice an error, thanks.

Readers Photos

Submitted Photos

Roger Slauenwhite sent this response to Mike Nash's query in NetLetter #1456 -

Regarding the  Shriners' Convention, Toronto 1962. Sales Promotion at the time worked closely with the Toronto Shriners and Air Canada provided 2 tickets on our Galaxy flight to California.

The photos below were taken at the University Theatre just up the street from our reservation office. Across the street, we designed and installed "the red tent" for this promotion. The lady in front of the display (below left) is Air Canada passenger agent Dorothy Angier who worked on my team in reservations; a lovely person.

The Shriners were responsible for 2 lions in the lobby as part of the promotion, although they did not stay for the movie. Everyone kept their eye on them, just in case!

Roger Slauenwhite

tmb shriners redtentpromotion tmb shriners lion
tmb shriners band at promtion tmb shriners theatre lobby
The Shriners band & friends All smiles in the theatre lobby

tmb tca poster 1942Dave Harwood recently participated in a Zoom session with the C&SS Dorval retirees.

The backdrop for him was this poster of a TCA advert circa 1942.

Remember When

  Remember When

This, the fourth in a series, appeared in the "Horizons" magazine issue dated June 1996.

Life as a Con by Annette Malvar

Have you ever had that dream vacation in your mind? That place which has always lured you, but you've never been able to visit? Me too and that place is Florence.

Its history, culture, wine and food — what's not to dream about? Actually, I finally did make it there last year with a good friend. But Florence will continue to elude me because I never got the chance to discover it.

How can that be you ask? Let me explain. First, we arrived the same weekend a big fashion show was taking place — apparently an annual event in this city. That meant Florence was packed with tourists.

Ironically, my friend had assured me prior to our departure that September was the shoulder month. Secondly, my friend insisted that we didn't need to make hotel reservations. "There's plenty of hotels, l am not going to spend more than $45 a night" she stated confidently.

Naturally, we ended up spending $90 a night, because the cheaper hotels had all been booked in advance. Once resigned to the situation however, I started looking forward to some sightseeing.

Since my friend had already been to Florence more often than an art critic, she'd seen every church, statue, museum and landmark in town.

For this reason, we didn't go to see the world-famous statue of David, she said the $22 entrance fee is too high. Nor did we see the famous Boboli Gardens, she said her garden at home was nicer.

We didn't climb the tower of the Duomo (a must for every tourist) for the most outstanding view of the city, my friend felt the line-up was too long. All was not lost however because my friend assured me she knew the best restaurant in all of Florence.

You guessed it; we spent all week looking for it!


Women in Aviation

ninety nine emblemIn NetLetter #1444 we published details of the commemorative stamps issued by the East Canada Section of the Ninety-Nines in order to celebrate Canadian women pilots representing various flying careers.

Please note that these stamps cannot be purchased at Canada Postal outlets but are available at

tmb felicity mckendryIssued in 2013, Felicity McKendry was the flight test examiner for Canada’s first astronauts Steve McLean and Marc Garneau.

AC News

Air Canada News

In NetLetter #1453 we lamented the retirement of Fin #264 and that the classic TCA livery would be missed. 

Happily, Air Canada has decided to paint its most recent A220 in TCA retrojet livery. 

Registration C-GNBN, Fin #119, will soon enter service and continue the tradition.

More at

tmb 550 fin119

To honour retiring CEO Calin Rovinescu the airline has registered its first Airbus A220-300 after him. The A220 has the registration C-GROV, the 'ROV' tag referring to Rovinescu. In addition, the former CEO’s signature, name, and time served at the airline are distinctively displayed near the flight deck’s windows.

 tmb 550 fin101 calin

click here redfor the latest posts at the Air Canada Mediaroom.

you tube linkClick the logo to open the Air Canada YouTube channel. 


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

C&SS YUL ZOOM over the years.

Over the years, a group of 37 retired Computer and Systems Services employees (C&SS) from Dorval have exchanged e-mail Christmas greetings with each other, and Christmas 2020 was no exception. In early 2021, two of the group, Aron Charad and (our own) Terry Baker exchanged their greetings by a ZOOM session, during which they decided to try and arrange a session with the retired C&SS group.

The date and time, bearing in mind the different time zones, was arranged and the format would be to invite each participant to give a 2-3 minute update on what they had been up to since retirement and reminisce on happenings during their work days, and an email was sent out with the invites.

The ZOOM session took place on Wednesday February 10, 2021 with Aron Charad as the moderator and alphabetically, Aron called upon each one to speak up.

The session was very well conducted and enjoyed by all participants. From some of the tales related of happenings during their work days, it is a wonder that Air Canada survived.

All agreed it was a successful session and they look forward to another session in the future.

tmb 550 CSS Screen Shot 2020

Historic Dates x350
  • 1954 - May 14 - Super Constellation service out of Toronto to Prestwick was launched.
  • 1972  - April 30 - Rapidair introduced between Toronto – Montreal.
  • 1997 -  March 3 - Service between Toronto - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas launched with A319 equipment.

tmb 550 horizons classic
Issued  dated October 1996

A fond farewell to Prestwick.

By Roddy McPhee, Customer Service Manager, Glasgow.

Air Canada transferred the last of its presence in Prestwick to Glasgow this past August 16, 1996.

Air Canada's first transatlantic flight to this Scottish town left Montreal on July 22, 1943 arriving the following day. The first flight's crew commanded by Captain Ron George, included Navigator  John R. Gilmore (who would later serve as Prestwick's Station Manager in the 50's and 60's) and Radio Operator Graham Nettleton.

We were pleased to have Graham in attendance when we celebrated our 50th anniversary on July 23, 1993.

In the years that followed, Prestwick saw North Stars, then the Super Constellation and, eventually, jet service with the DC-8, B747, L1011 and B767. Although many other European destinations came along, Prestwick's number one status in history was secured.

The Prestwick group said farewell to its last scheduled passenger flight on May 14, 1990. Prestwick was Air Canada's first transatlantic destination in July 1943. 

tmb 550 last pax flght at pwk

The photo below is of the late John R. Gilmore, TCA Station Manager and some of his team gather around for a photo in Prestwick’s Commissary circa late 1950's. 

Prestwick also has the distinction, I believe, of having the first employee TCA hired outside North America, Miss Marion MacDonald. She will not want me to remind people that she started with TCA at Prestwick on November 22, 1943 and retired as the station's longest serving employee after more than 40 years.

TCA and later Air Canada provided continuous service to Prestwick until May 1990 when passenger operations were transferred to Glasgow. Freighter service remained until the freighters were withdrawn in March 1994. Since then there has been a cargo presence in Prestwick.

The entire cargo operations has opened in the new Glasgow warehouse. This consolidation will present opportunities to grow the cargo business in Scotland and better serve many of the existing cargo customers.

"Lang may yer lum reek" (a Scottish expression wishing continuing prosperity and meaning literally "long may your chimney smoke")!

We bid a fond farewell to Prestwick. Your place in Air Canada history is forever secure.

tmb 550 pwk staff 1950

Issue dated November 1996

Celebrating our first 50 years at Heathrow (LHR).

by Jane Whigham, Public Relations - London, England

In September 1996, we celebrated fifty years of service at London's Heathrow Airport, the first North American carrier to reach this milestone at the airport. And we celebrated in style!

The festivities kicked off on September 15 when more than 1,000 employees and their families enjoyed the Family Fun Day and barbecue at Kempton Park race course.

Air Canada's largest employee event ever held outside Canada, the Fun Day was held in brilliant autumn sunshine and employees and their families were able to try their hand at simulated golf, sumo wrestling, five-a-side soccer, simulated surfboarding, pole jousting and many other activities.

On September 16, the actual anniversary date, Air Canada presented a maple tree (pictured below) to Heathrow Airport which was planted close to the Visitor Centre. In presenting the tree to Mike Roberts, Managing Director of Heathrow Airport Limited, Egon Koch, Vice President, Europe, said he hoped the next 50 years would be as successful as those just completed.

Looking Back At The First 50 Years

  • September 16, 1946 - Air Canada's first flight into Heathrow was aboard a 10-seat Lancastrian (converted Lancaster bomber) from Montreal via Prestwick.
    • Range: 3,050 statute miles. Cruising Speed: 250 mph (402 kph).
  • 1947-57 - The Lancastrian was replaced by the larger DC-4 North Star which carried 62 passengers.
    • Range: 3,860 statute miles. Cruising Speed: 230 mph (370 kph).
  • 1957-62  - Service began between London and Toronto with the 75-seat Super Constellation.
    • Range: 3,160 statute miles. Cruising Speed: 315 mph (507 kph).
  • 1960-83 - The transatlantic jet age began with the introduction of the DC-8 which remained in passenger service across the Atlantic until 1983, although some were still flying in all cargo configuration until 1994.
    • Range: 3,375 statute miles. Cruising Speed: 530 mph (853 kph).
  • 1971- Air Canada introduced the Boeing 747-100. Currently AC operates three types of B747's including the B747-400. Passenger configurations vary according to model, but they carry up to 416 passengers.
    • Range: 6,670 statute miles. Cruising Speed: 570 mph (917 kph).
  • 1973-93 - Lockheed 1011's, Series 100 and 500, operated to London, the latter carrying 244 passengers.
    • Range: 5,120 statute miles. Cruising Speed: 548 mph (882 kph).
tmb 550 lhr tree

tmb uniforms 1946At the airport, Customer Sales Service Coordinator, Chris Brokenshire inspired an enthusiastic team of volunteers to decorate the check-in area and two passenger agents, Tracey Haveland and Kellie Drew (pictured at left) , dressed up in 1946 flight attendant uniforms and greeted passengers arriving at the airport. The uniforms won the universal approval of passengers with comments that we should return to the tailored look, but staff are not convinced. "Many people have said they prefer those uniforms to today’s business suits," said Kellie.

All departing passengers were given anniversary pins and souvenir baggage tags detailing the different types of Air Canada aircraft used on Heathrow routes since 1946. The fiftieth passenger to check-in for each flight on the anniversary was also presented with a bottle of champagne. The anniversary day was brought to a close with a cocktail reception in the airport's Maple Leaf Lounge for airport executives, airline and local dignitaries and cargo and travel industry leaders.

Editors' Note: Does anyone have a pin and/or the baggage tags mentioned they could scan for the NetLetter and is there any news about the tree?

In Quebec City, Pierre Tousignant, Manager, Customer Service, receives special treatment on his 30th anniversary.

From left to right: Pierre Tousignant; Louise Guimond, Customer Sales and Service Agent; Sue Welscheid, General Manager, Customer Service - Eastern Canada.

Back row: Steve Myles, Lead Station Attendant; Denis Isabelle, Station Attendant; Jacqueline Perrier, Customer Sales and Service Agent; Gary Doucet, Lead Station Attendant; Pauline Jean, Secretary; Pierre Guay, Baggage Agent and Patrick Coté, Station Attendant.

tmb 550 quebec city staff

Here are some of the employees working at the Airport in Kingston, Jamaica.

Front row, left to right: Rilla Stoddart, Sr. CSA; CSA's Michelle Williams, Ingrid EvansMargot Lakhan and Marlene Mayne.

Back row, left to right: CSA's Jillain Hall, Wendy Lue, Tashia Thompson, Michelle Hoo-Kim, Richard Myers and Osmond J. Harry, Manager, Customer Service, West Caribbean.

tmb 550 kingston jamaica staff

In Halifax, Customer Sales and Service Agent Ruth Hart is all smiles as she celebrates her 35th anniversary with her coworkers.

From left to right: Customer Sales and Service Agents Carolyn Martin, Anne Bagnell, Ruth Hart and Ed Totten; Steve Macdonald, Customer Service Manager; Customer Sales and Service Agents Lexie BlacklerShirley McDonald, Winston MacDonald, Ralph Mohammed and Astrid Martin.

tmb 550 halifax staff


CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery

CP Air Banner
 tmb 550 cp air blue skies
Found in CP Air 'Blue Skies' magazine published November 1979

Off to the Races

The Chevron B8GT racer held a cruising speed of more than 550 mpg - via CP Air's B747 that is.

The 1970 vintage racer, which travels up to 150 mph, was enroute between Calgary and Amsterdam. Calgary race  enthusiast Jim Robinson sold the vehicle to vintage car collector Chris Smith in England.

One of a handful of  B8GT's made in Great Britain nine years ago, the car won many races in both Europe and North America. CP Air cargo agents loading the vehicle are Dave Litke, left, and Doug Redpath.

tmb 550 blue skies 11 79

Search and Rescue

Four CP Air employees actively involved in the training of German Shepherd dogs organized a special "Search, Rescue and Disaster" Seminar during December.

Mr. Willie Grundherr, President Of the California Rescue Dog Association pictured below with his dog Galant, flew to Vancouver via CP Air for the occasion.

The four CP Air dog fanciers involved in the Richmond Club are Hans D. Bochow (President) from Publications and Training (he's good with people, too!), Klaus A.G. Schaefer (Vice-President) from the Instrument Shop, Dave Ahyong, Avionics Mechanic, and Richard Cound, Sheetmetal Mechanic.

The purpose of the Club is to guide, oversee and further the training of German Shepherd dogs in their indispensable roles as seeing eyes, avalanche and rescue, police service herding and personal protection.

blue skies 3 78

facebook logo 250x250CP Air Employees Facebook page

Maureen Rogers Hinton posted these photos -

Posted on January 8, 2021

1989 - 10 year reunion for Flight Attendants hired in 1979 at Pelican Bay, Granville Island, Vancouver.

Front row from left to right: Deborah Pettigrew, Norm Hole and Liz Moscaret.

Back row from left to right: Henny, Maureen Rogers Hinton, Lynn James (RIP) and Susanne Carlson (RIP).

tmb 550 cpa 10 year reunion

Posted on January 10, 2021

In this photo at Shanghai Garden are -

Top row from left to right: T. Ross Forman, Maureen Rogers Hinton, Des Desbien, Eve Henry, Thomas Chan, Gayle Rainboth, Jeanette Rhodes and Heidi Hay.

Bottom row from left to right: Rie Yamazaki, Bonnie Cameron, Liz Moscaret, Debra Forman, Cassandra Desbien, unidentified, Winnie Lam, Tammy Kitami and Campion Christopher.

tmb 550 cpa shanghai gardens

Featured Video

 Featured Video(s)

Our 'Featured Video' was posted by Paul Goodman on YouTube in March 2019.

A short but very fitting tribute to Canadian Pacific Air Lines / Canadian Airlines.

tmb 550 nl1456 featured video

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

northstar air emblem

North Star Air.

A Canadian Airline.

North Star Air began operations in 1997 with the purchase of two single-engine Beaver aircraft on floats based on Pickle Lake, Ontario. In cooperation with its sister company, Canoe Frontier.

North Star Air flew paddlers and fishermen into Ontario's Last Frontier north of Pickle Lake. Shortly thereafter a DHC-3 Turbo-Otter and Cessna Caravan on floats joined the operation. In 2001, North Star Air moved from its water base on Pickle Lake to the Pickle Lake Airport.

Today North Star Air services over 54 remote Northern communities with its fleet of 17 aircraft and 250+ dedicated employees. Most importantly, North Star Air has made, and continues to make, a difference in the North. It's revenue sharing program has generated over $4 million for its strategic partners while providing safe, affordable and reliable air transportation solutions. 

North Star Air is the recipient of the 2019 Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce Large Business Excellence Award and the 2019 NOBA Company of the Year (51+) Award.


tmb 550 northstar air aircraft

The first Canadian designed and built fighter jet.

January 19, 1950, was a historic day in Canadian aviation. This date marked the inaugural flight of the first prototype of Avro Canada’s CF-100, the first fighter jet to be entirely designed and built in Canada.

The project began in 1946, becoming the only Canadian designed fighter to be mass-produced. Designated as the CF-100 Canuck, 692 of these jets entered into service with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) as front-line air defense. A further 53 were sold to Belgium. 


tmb 550 cf 100


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articles

CP Air DC-8 'Empress' Fleet

I have always thought that Canadian Pacific Air Lines tradition of naming their aircraft 'Empress of' was a classy touch. We seem to find it comforting to give human characteristics to machines, even assigning gender to machines of transportation. 

Canadian Pacific began naming its fleet of ocean liners with the 'Empress' brand in the late 1800's and continued with their fleet of aircraft that crossed the oceans.  The Douglas DC-8's did have a regal air to them and wore the names very well. The names were not permanent and often were carried by more than one aircraft, depending on the service requirements (domestic or international).

Below is a table of the CP Air fleet of DC-8's and the names they were assigned during their time with CP.

Sources and additional info:

Registration Fin  Type Delivery Name
C-FCPF 601 DC-8-43 Feb-61 Empress of Vancouver/Rome/Santiago
C-FCPG¹ 602 DC-8-43 Nov-61 Empress of Montreal/Buenos Aires
C-FCPH 603 DC-8-43 Apr-61 Empress of Winnipeg/Lima
C-FCPI 604 DC-8-43 May-61 Empress of Calgary/Amsterdam
C-FCPJ 605 DC-8-43 May-63 Empress of Toronto/Mexico City
CF-CPK² 606 DC-8-43 Oct-65 Empress of Edmonton
C-FCPM 607 DC-8-53 May-66 Empress of Lisbon
CF-CPN³ 600 DC-8-51 Oct-66 Empress of Santiago
C-FCPT 608 DC-8-55F Nov-67 Empress of Santiago
C-FCPO 801 DC-8-63 Jan-68 Empress of Honolulu/Tokyo/Quebec
C-FCPP 802 DC-8-63 Jan-68 Empress of Madrid/Honolulu/Alberta
C-FCPQ 803 DC-8-63 Feb-68 Empress of Lima/Hong Kong/Ontario
C-FCPS 804 DC-8-63 Jun-68 Empress of Hong Kong/Madrid/Sydney
C-FCPL 805 DC-8-63 Sep-72 Empress of Athens/Manitoba

Pictured below: The Empress of Buenos Aires (C-FCPG) carrying an extra RR Conway engine in the 5th pod (inboard of Number 2 engine).

Special thanks to NetLetter subscriber, Gary Vincent, for sharing his photographs. Be sure to visit his full gallery at

tmb 550 c fcpg

Editor's Notes by Ken Pickford:

1 - The DC-8-43 pictured above (CF-CPG, Fin #602, originally "Empress of Montreal", later "Empress of Buenos Aires") is the DC-8 that became the first airliner to go supersonic (just barely, Mach 1.01) on a Douglas pre-delivery test flight in 1961, in a dive from 52,000 feet (believed to be the highest altitude reached by a commercial airliner before Concorde). I have flown on this aircraft a few times.

Good description of that flight at:

2 - CF-CPK (Fin #606) which was damaged beyond repair in an accident at Tokyo, March 1966.

3 - CF-CPN was the first DC-8 built. Made the first flight May 30, 1958, then registered N8008D. Referred to as "Ship One" by Douglas.

Originally a DC-8-11 with the original JT3C turbojet engines, it was converted to a DC-8-51 with JT3D turbofans in 1960 and probably used to certify the 50-series. After a couple of short leases by Douglas, it was sold to US charter carrier Trans International Airlines.

They leased it to several carriers, including CP for a year from October 1966 to October 1967. While with CP it was named Empress of Santiago and had Fin #600.

After the CP lease it was sold to Delta and spent about 10 years there, then went to Aeromexico, its final operator, for a few years. Spent many years in the desert before being scrapped around 2001.


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

Faced with declining revenues and a lack of passengers during the global COVID-10 pandemic, some cruise lines are taking an unpopular but necessary step: Selling off older vessels for scrap.

On July 10, 2020. Carnival Corporation stated that 13 ships would be sold off and removed from service. Carnival further announced July 23, 2020 that two Fantasy Class ships had been sold, and another two were placed in long-term layup with no plans to rejoin the fleet.

tmb astor cruise linerSadly, Astor was sold for just $1.7 million at auction, and was beached in Turkey on November 24, 2020 for scrapping.

tmb black watch cruiseWith the ship Black Watch being retired from the Fred. Olsen fleet, the future for this 49-year old vessel looks increasingly uncertain.

tmb boudicca cruiseAfter being retired from the Fred. Olsen fleet, it is unlikely that the 47-year-old Boudicca will embark on further cruises for any line.

tmb boudicca cruiseCarnival confirmed on July 23, 2020 that the ship had been sold, and the ship arrived in Aliaga, Turkey shortly thereafter for scrapping.

By late-August, the first cuts were being made to Carnival Fantasy's bow.

tmb fascination cruiserOn July 23, 2020 Carnival announced that Carnival Fascination, along with Carnival Imagination, would be withdrawn from service and placed in long-term layup. It is unlikely the ship will rejoin the fleet.

Carnival Fascination continues to languish dockside in Cadiz, Spain, where it has been moored since July 2020.

tmb imagination cruiserCarnival Cruise Lines announced July 23 that the 1995-built Carnival Imagination would be placed in long-term layup, with no immediate plans for it to re-enter the fleet.

On August 26, the ship officially embarked on its last journey, sailing from Willemstad, Curacao, to Aliaga, Turkey, where it will be broken up.


tmb inspiration cruiserBased out of Long Beach, Carnival Inspiration was docked alongside Carnival Fantasy in Curacao in July, 2020 where fittings were removed.

The ship arrived in early August at Aliaga, Turkey and was beached alongside sister Carnival Fantasy and former competitor Sovereign.

On December 16, 2020, Royal Caribbean announced Empress of the Seas had been sold to interests in Asia-Pacific. What happens to the ship after that remains to be seen.

The Carnival Cruise Line Grand Celebration had been sold. As of November 24, the ship is enroute to Bhavnagar, India, where it will arrive in early January, 2021 for demolition.

Princess Cruises' Crown Princess was sold for just under $12 million, and was beached at Alang, India for scrapping on November 30, 2020.

Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas was sold to undisclosed interests in Asia-Pacific, Majesty's future remains uncertain. Its sisters, Sovereign and Monarch were scrapped earlier 2020 this year.




tmb your pilot speakingOur cartoon was sent in by Alan Evans, who resides in South Africa.


The NetLetter Team
 Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker

Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker
Richmond, British Columbia - December 2019
(Bob Sheppard was not available for the photograph)

Vesta Stevenson Alan Rust

We wish to honour the memories of
Vesta Stevenson and Alan Rust.
They remain a part of every edition published.

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