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NetLetter #1459 | April 13, 2021
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C-GBIP Kids Horizons

C-GBIP (Fin # 285) 'Kids Horizons'
Photo by Ken Fielding at Wikimedia

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Reader's Feedback

Subscriber Feedback

Mike Stirrup, after reading NetLetter #1457, sends us this information -

Regarding Donna Price's  YWG finance photo from the '60's. The individual to the far right in front of Don McIntyre, looking back, is Barry Herring.

It's possible that I am tucked behind, and slightly to the right, of Frank Cihelka. If so, I was by far the most junior person in the office and was hired (as a new immigrant) on April 20, 1964.

The person tagged as Wilf Agar may in fact be Ivan Matsalla (not sure). It appears to be before the Montreal "gang" arrived with the CN/TCA credit card bureau (in 1965?) so that may narrow the date down.

Mike Stirrup.

tmb 550 ywg finance

Mike Nash sends in this information -

I was delighted to see the photo of the Auster aircraft at Amsterdam in The NetLetter #1457. It was early in 1969 that ‘The Queen of the Skies’ (Boeing 747) first took to the air, and six months later came the first moon landing.

In between those auspicious events I took flight training in an Auster aircraft from a grass field at Sywell in Northamptonshire, England.

Built in the neighbouring county of Leicestershire during the Second World War, this basic STOL tail dragger was used for flight training and reconnaissance during the war.

The name Auster was taken from the Roman name for south wind. 

Mike Nash.

Editors' Note: Click the image below for Mike's video 'Learning to Fly".

tmb 550 mike nash video

Tony Walsh sends us this information -

"Further to the NetLetter #1456 Air Canada News item about the new A220-200 C-GNBN painted in the Retro TCA livery, here is an added photo that shows the beautiful scheme more fully. It was taken as she came out of the paint facility at Airbus - Bombardier - Mirabel.

Contributor's Note: The blue on the engine cowl leading edge is protective peel-off covering yet to be removed, so there won't be any colours that would clash with the TCA-on-grey scheme.

Photos are now public & credited as: Courtesy Brian Losito/Air Canada.

"The A319-114 C-FZUH with the first retro TCA livery, that Air Canada had operated since the 1997 60th anniversary is no longer in Air Canada's fleet. It was ferried to Kansas City & retired several months ago. I am pleased that Air Canada chose to replace this with the new A220-300 in retro livery to keep the nostalgia of our airline's heritage ongoing".

Regards, Tony Walsh (long retired Mgr - Airport Ops Services - Western North America & Pac Rim)

tmb 550 a220 outside airbus ymx

tmb mae wilson02Mae Wilson shares her memories of her career with Nordair -

“I started in administration in In Flight Service.

There I met all our Nordair Flight Attendants and heard their stories of incidents on their flights, good and bad.

It was really interesting working there and getting to know the Flight Attendants. This was great because whenever I flew afterwards, both on business and pleasure, I always knew the crew.

From there I moved up to Finance where I was Administrative Assistant to the V.P. of Finance, Joyce Miracle, a very smart lady!

One of my jobs was to write out the cheques for all the executives for her to sign and I would deliver them on payday, including Roland Lafrancois (CEO). So we were on good terms!

Those days are gone now with direct deposit, which would be much more confidential. I was sworn to secrecy so no one ever knew what I knew about them all. A nice group of individuals, with such a personal interest in the well-being of this small but lucrative airline.

Good memories for me.”

Readers Photos

Submitted Photos

Bob Austin from YOW sends in this photo and request:

tmb austin pendant"Just found this pendant in a box of old Air Canada mementos.

Does anyone remember the occasion for which it was issued?"

John Weston sent us this photo and comment -

tmb 250 tca stews 1940sDon't know where or when. But do remember the time.

Canadian Flight Attendants (aka stewardesses for us old timers) in the 1940's, showing off their nylons, after they were reintroduced to their uniforms after WW2.

Remember When

  Remember When

Editors' Note: Stories in this section may be quite long for the newsletter format.

To view the entire story, click the 'Read More' link to open the full text posted on our website.

Our first memory is from Ralph Quick

Embarrassed by Murphy's Law

"If anything can go wrong it will ". This is Murphy's Law which originated in aviation. Pilots fly their whole career, making sure they look ahead for what can go wrong and making sure it does not happen. Results of having an incident going unforeseen can lead to an accident, aircraft damage, or at the very least embarrassment. My encounter with Murphy's Law was caused by distraction and ended with embarrassment.

My distraction was provided by an Omega Navigation System (forerunner of modern GPS) that had been installed in my CP Air Boeing 737. It only appeared on this one flight, never to be seen again on any other flights. We left Vancouver for Edmonton on an 'all stops' to Montreal. At cruising altitude, we tried to set up the system by putting in waypoints to see how it worked. As we had had no instruction, it did not, no matter what we did.

On arrival at YEG there were no gates available, so we parked on the far side of the tarmac and were serviced by a PTV (Passenger Transfer Vehicle). Standard procedure was for the front door to be opened as the PTV arrived, deplane the passengers, then extend the "airstairs" with the door open after PTV departed. Airstairs would be retracted when the PTV arrived back to load the passengers for departure, and we would then receive our late load. readmore orange160x65


From Mary Lou Mailloux -

tmb Irving ThomasAs many of us have been doing during these unusual COVID times, I have been sorting papers and came across a letter from one of Trans-Canada Air Lines first employees, Irving F. Thomas, a family friend and fellow cottager at Sauble Beach, Ontario. The letter was postmarked 1991 and I, at the time, was an Air Canada passenger agent at YQGTR (Windsor, Ontario) so his recollections of the early days of the airline were of particular interest to yours truly and would love to share.

First of all, some background information about Mr. Thomas which was willingly supplied by his niece, Anne Venton, who I wish to thank for providing same as my memory is a bit rusty about all those details.

Irving F. Thomas was the fourth employee hired to organize Trans-Canada Air Lines. He was a recent graduate from the University of St. Louis, Missouri, the Aeronautical Division, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration and also a U.S. Transport Pilots license, including instrument rating in 1936.
readmore orange160x65


Mr. Thomas at Parks Air College in December 18, 1935 (above).

A group photo, time and place unknown. Mr. Thomas is 4th from right next to man with hat (below).

Mary Lou Mailloux,
Retired Air Canada Sales

 tmb 550 Irving Thomas 2

Norm Foster shares his memory of a contract negotiation in the late 1970's -
Anatomy of a Negotiation

tmb Taylor Monroe FosterWe stood side by side in an elevator heading for a suite on the 14th floor. I stared straight ahead trying to look serious, cool and composed. I could feel him look me up and down and then he joined me in staring at the door. Although we had never met before, we had been very aware of each other for several years. As we passed the 10th floor he turned and spoke to me for the first time. “I don’t see the horns my people say you have?”

His name was Taylor……Claude Taylor, and he was the head of Air Canada. I represented Air Canada’s pilots as Chairman of the Master Executive Council (MEC) as well as the chief negotiator, and we were at war!

In their roughly 45-year history, there had never been an industrial strike by the Air Canada pilots. Professionalism and Marquis of Queensbury rules had always prevailed, and contracts were ultimately negotiated to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. In the late 70’s, Canada was operating under Government imposed Wage and Price controls and these constraints made a wage settlement a non-issue. However, Air Canada had recently taken two actions negatively affecting its pilots and which resulted in us placing these items into the current contract negotiations.

readmore orange160x65



Women in Aviation

Women in Aviation International (WAI) concluded its first virtual conference, hosting more than 2,300 attendees from around the world on March 11 to 12, 2021.

The 32nd Annual International Women in Aviation Conference (WAI2021), which was held online due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, included keynote speakers, exhibits, education sessions, professional development seminars and workshops, scholarship awards and a ceremony for the WAI International Pioneer Hall of Fame 2021 inductees.

Click the image below for the full story.

tmb 550 wai virtrual conference

AC News

Air Canada News

Jazz pilots agree to Air Canada Express deal.

Pilots at Canada’s Jazz Aviation have approved a deal that will allow the company to become the exclusive operator of Air Canada Express flights.

The approval from the pilots, represented by union Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), is the last piece of an agreement under which Air Canada will consolidate all its regional aircraft operations under one regional partner – Jazz.

Air Canada said last week it intends to transfer the operation of Sky Regional Airlines’ 25 Embraer 175's to Jazz. That leaves Sky Regional without any aircraft, and the company confirmed last week it intends to cease operations on March 31, 2021.

Of the 25 E175's to be transferred, 16 are in service and nine are in storage, according to Cirium fleets data. Jazz parent Chorus Aviation says that with the acquisition of the jets, it will be phasing out its 20 De Havilland Canada Dash 8-300's.

Source: (Registration required).

tmb 550 jazz aircraft

click here redfor the latest posts at the Air Canada Mediaroom.

you tube linkClick the logo to open the Air Canada YouTube channel. 

Star Alliance News

Star Alliance News

Here we have the Star Alliance founders.
tmb 550 star alliance founders


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery
tmb enroute mar apr 2021The enRoute magazine issue for March/April 2021 has a cover page photo on 'Dreaming of an Escape to the (Lesser Known) Greek Islands'.

tmb pierre jeanniot

How Pierre Jeanniot Helped Transform Air Canada has published a very nice article in tribute to underrated aviation Pioneer, and former Air Canada president, Pierre Jeanniot.

Excerpted from the article:

"The black box and non-smoking flights are two notable introductions in aviation thanks to the help of Pierre Jean Jeanniot. The industry veteran was the president and CEO of Air Canada from 1984 to 1990 and has been a force behind the scenes for decades. His impact on the airline and the wider market can still be felt today".

Mr. Jeanniot began his career with Trans-Canada Air Lines in 1955 as a junior technician and steadily moved up through the ranks with his talent for innovation. He founded the airline's operational research group and, by his recommendations, helped develop the 'Black Box' so that Canada became the first country to have a device to analyze data from airline incidents. 

Under his leadership Air Canada became the first fully non-smoking airline in the world in 1987 and was at the helm during the privatization process in 1988.

Full story available at

rampage emblem

Here we have this photo of Sam Massara, Malcolm Brown, Dino Vassio and Steve Gottschlick dreaming of Dino's pasta and enjoying the mild January weather.

Source: Rampage magazine issue February 1, 1989

tmb 550 sam massara

tmb 550 horizons classic
Issue March 1997

Here are members of the Montreal ACRA Executive for 1997.

Left to right, front row: Wally Kurdy, Sports; Jeff Vaillancourt, Publicity; Raj Persaud, Vice President; Michel Guindon, Benefits; Todd Haverstock, Purchasing.

Left to right, back row: Ingrid Broekman-Lebel, Administrative Director; Guy Pharand, Memberships; Donna Gomes-Browning, Treasurer; Julie-Anne Lambert, President; Alan Quendt, Public Relations; Charles Cadot, Camp Four-Wind; André Houle, Social.

Missing: Guy Lariviére, Gym.

tmb 550 acra executive 1997


CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery

CP Air Banner
tmb info canadian 
From the "FLASH INFO" magazine. 
Issue dated April 30, 1987 

April 26, 1987 was the start-up date for the Canadian Airlines International.

As many ground and flight crew personnel as possible were issued with 'Canadian" logo pins for the start-up. This is the first common uniform piece for the new airline and the first step in the integration of the respective airlines' current uniforms.


The ninth annual CPAL Pionairs reunion luncheon was held at the Hotel Vancouver on May 13, 1987 with over 800 attendees.

Retirees were expected from at least seven provinces and eight countries. Delegates from the PWA Retirees Association were in attendance.

Issue dated May 14, 1987 

The company acquired three B-737-200's on long-term leases to bring its operating fleet of 737's to 66.

Two of the aircraft acquired were previously owned by Pacific Western and were sold five years ago to Atasco, a New York company engaged in aircraft leasing. Atasco subsequently leased them to Pan American which used them on its Berlin route in Europe.

Canadian Airlines has now leased them back from Atasco for a five-year period. These are fin #735 which went into service May 2, 1987, and fin #736 which had arrived shortly after.

The third acquisition is fin #765, leased from ILFC (International Lease Finance Company) of Beverly Hills, Calif. for three years, with an option on two additional years.

Leases have expired on fins 780 and 781, originally part of Nordair's fleet, and they have returned to their owners, Trans-Avia and Sabena.

tmb 550 c fpww
C-FPWW - Fin #736
Photo by Aero Icarus - May 1989 

tmb cpa copenhagen staffCopenhagen staffers celebrate a successful representation for Canadian Airlines International at Copenhagen's recent Rejs '87 Tourism and Trade Travel Fair.

From left, Hassan Wicks, Reservations Agent; Eli Andersen, City Ticket Office Supervisor and Bjarne Timm, Sales Rep, Denmark and Norway.


tmb 550 nordair header 
tmb nordair flt att  tmb Nordair uniforms 1972
Nordair Winners, Miss Montreal Interline Club

Leo Marshall, Linda Paquette
and Lisa MacLean.

Uniforms introduced in 1972

Carole Boucher, Nancy KellyPaul Gauthier and Diane Thériault.

Featured Video

 Featured Video(s)

tmb praglowskiOur 'Featured Video' comes from videographer, Alex Praglowski, describing his trip on board a Pacific Coastal Beech 1900D on one of the world's shortest routes.

Editor's note by Wayne:

The trip from Vancouver to Victoria, British Columbia takes approximately 15 minutes, gate to gate (less than 10 minutes flying) with a great demonstration of the term 'Beautiful British Columbia'. 

The screen capture below shows the south side of Sea Island, as the aircraft banks right, with the 'Flying Beaver' restaurant and seaplane terminal below. Across the Fraser River is the 'Terra Cotta Viewpoint' where I have spent many hours cycling while watching aircraft lift off on runway 26L, as well as seaplanes arriving and departing.

tmb 550 nbr1459 featured video

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

tmb middle east airlinesName this airline, answer in 'Terry's Trivia' below.

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. has hired former Air Canada chief executive Calin Rovinescu as a senior adviser within its global private equity group.

tmb 250 rovinescuRovinescu retired as head of Canada's largest airline in February after leading it for 12 years. He is also a former chair of the Star Alliance chief executive board and of the board of governors of the International Air Transport Association.

The alternative investment manager says Rovinescu will help in finding and executing on investment opportunities, with a focus on the aviation and aerospace sectors.


Dorval Consolidation.

For the past 20 years, Montreal has supported two airport facilities, one with an international focus and one primarily domestic and transborder. Domestic flights have departed from Dorval or Mirabel, all transborder precleared flights from Dorval, and all international flights from Mirabel. After long consideration and significant public discussion, Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) made the decision to consolidate international flights at Dorval, effective September 15, 1997.

(Source: “Horizons” magazine issue dated August 1997)

NetJets has signed an agreement with supersonic aircraft developer Aerion that includes purchase options for 20 Aerion AS2 supersonic business jets. According to Aerion, the deal brings the value of its order backlog to approximately $10 billion.

The company also announced plans to collaborate with aviation training provider Flight Safety International to develop a flight training academy for supersonic civil, commercial and military aircraft.

Aerion’s AS2 is expected to have a top speed of Mach 1.4 and supersonic range of 4200 NM. It will be powered by GE’s new Affinity engine and outfitted with an avionics suite that is being developed in partnership with Honeywell. Aerion is aiming to begin AS2 production in 2023 at its planned facility in Melbourne, Florida.

Source: AvWeb/aviation-news (Registration required)

tmb 550 aerion as2 superjet

Canada's tiny Flair Airlines, which made headlines by handing Boeing a crucial order for 737 MAX jets recently, is forging growth plans inspired by the austerity that transformed Hungary's Wizz Air into one of Europe's largest carriers.

Former Wizz executive Stephen Jones, brought in from Europe to run Flair last year, said the Canadian company had grabbed planes at "a great price" to accelerate a relaunch based on the imported recipe of extreme cost discipline.

"In many ways, the future of Flair will be a cookie-cutter of the success of Wizz," the CEO told Reuters.

One difference? Flair is basing its growth on Boeing jets whereas Wizz shot up the rankings to become one of Airbus's biggest customers.


Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) and we are on a mission to make travel affordable and accessible for all Canadians.

We believe Canadians have been paying too much for too long, and our low-cost approach makes air travel affordable. As of December 2020, we have flown almost 18,000 flights with approximately 2.3 million passengers.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Flair provides service to eighteen Canadian destinations with a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft.


tmb 550 flair


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articles

 C-GBIP (Fin # 285) Life Cycle - Prototype #1, Kids' Horizons & a Political Campaign

 Subscriber David Hykle sent in the following comment regarding NetLetter #1458:

"That was a good mention of the A319 arriving in the Air Canada fleet. Not only was Air Canada the first operator of this type in North America, we also happen to fly the prototype A319 to this day, although it may be temporarily stored right now for future use. Fin # 285, C-GBIP arrived in the mid 1990's from the Hamburg factory as MSN 546."

Mr. Hykle's comment aroused my curiosity because I am always interested in aircraft with unique histories. He is correct that it has now been withdrawn from service and has been stored at MCI (Kansas City) since January of this year.

 C-GBIP was manufactured at Hamburg and first flew on August 25, 1995 as Prototype # 1 (D-AVYV) as the shortened A320 model. It was delivered to Air Canada on April 3, 1998 and re-registered. 

The aircraft became very recognizable (and a favourite of aircraft photographers) when the 'Kids' Horizons', 'Horizons Enfance' decals (issue header) were applied in 2008. It became a symbol for the 'Air Canada Foundation' until the Canadian Federal Election of 2015.

The aircraft was leased for September-October campaign by the New Democratic Party and temporarily re-branded 'Tom Mulcair' (photo below). As far as I can tell, it was later re-painted without any further advertising. 


tmb 550 C GBIP Mulcair
Photo courtesy of Michael Durning at


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

Answer for the mystery airline in 'Odds and Ends'.

Middle East Airlines, or MEA is the flag carrier of Lebanon with its head office in Beirut. The tree on its tail symbolizes a Lebanon cedar that is native to the country and is the national emblem.

In 1945, Middle East Airlines was established and launched its first service from Beirut to the neighboring countries of Syria, Cyprus, Egypt then Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other destinations in the Gulf.

In 1963, the airline merged with Air Liban. Despite closure of Beirut International Airport during Lebanon’s civil war between 1975 and 1990, MEA managed to survive by leasing aircraft and seconding staff to international airline companies.

With the return to normality in 1990, MEA succeeded in reinstating service to all its previous destinations, strengthened and improved its network to Europe, Middle East and the Gulf.


tmb 550 mea fleet

Electric aircraft.

Norwegian airline Wideroe says it will offer scheduled service using electric aircraft by 2026 and expects to be emissions-free on all domestic flights by 2040.

The airline is working with Rolls-Royce and Tecnam to put the 11-seat P-volt to work on the numerous short-hop routes it flies in the rugged country.

“Norway’s extensive network of short take-off and landing airports is ideal for zero emissions technologies,” Wideroe CEO Stein Nilsen told “This aircraft shows how quickly new technology can and will be developed, and that we are on track with our ambition of flying with zero emissions around 2025.”


tmb 550 wideroe aircraft

Last Airbus A380.

tmb last airbus a380The end of the line for one of aviation’s most ambitious and ultimately costly programs came with a low pass and a wing wag from an A380 destined for Emirates on Thursday March 18, 2021.

The final double decker aircraft to come off the assembly line at Toulouse Blagnac Airport in southern France, MSN 272 took off for Frankfurt where it will be painted and the interior fitted for Emirates.

Airbus announced two years ago the type would be discontinued just 14 years after the first delivery to Singapore Airlines in 2007.

In all-economy configuration, the Super Jumbo can hold up to 853 passengers but most airlines opted for a mix of classes with 500-600 seats, not a lot more than the new generation of more efficient twin-engine long-range aircraft like the Boeing 787 and Airbus’s own A350.

Airbus spent $25 billion developing the huge aircraft and sold 251. Many of those are now stored because of the pandemic downturn.

Source: Click the source link to view the video of the flight.



Our cartoon is by Starkey and appeared in "Between Ourselves" magazine issued December 1971.

The caption reads:

"I FOUND IT! The trans Atlantic fare for unwed Nebraska grade school teachers between the ages of 35 and 60 who expect to marry a Count within the 27-day excursion period and reside on or near the Cote d'Azure for a period not exceeding five years".

tmb 550 360 cartoon 1206 1459


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Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker
Richmond, British Columbia - December 2019
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