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NetLetter #1460 | April 24, 2021
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ATL98 Carvair CF-EPX

Eastern Provincial Airways
ATL-98 Carvair Registration CF-EPX

Photo by Richard Goring 

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After reading NetLetter #1458, Grace von Moltyn shares her thoughts -

I truly enjoy reading all the information that comes in from each NetLetter.

On this one, it was interesting to read about Norm Foster & all his fascinating details of his time with Air Canada. Each of us has a story to tell.

Thanks for keeping all us retirees up to date of what has happened and is happening still.

Grace von Moltyn

Graeme Shelford shares this memory with us -

The cartoon with the caption “I found it” in Netletter  #1459 reminded me of my experience flying Air Canada to Barbados in 1967.

My parents were living in Grenada and I flew down on a Montreal-Barbados excursion fare to visit them. While there, I got a telegram from my boss asking me to check up on a project in Florida on my return.

Back in Barbados, I approached the Air Canada office to get my ticket changed to include a stopover in Miami. After a long time consulting numerous books the size of a telephone directory and making a few phone calls, the passenger agent finally told me it would be cheaper to fly back to Montreal and book a flight to Miami from there.

Dejected, I turned to leave and just as I was about to step out, she called out, “Wait a moment, I’ve had another idea.” Returning to the counter, I stood by while she dived back into the various books. After leafing back and forth between fare schedules, she triumphantly announced, “I’ve found it! If you upgrade your excursion to first class for the return, Miami is then on your allowable route.” The cost of the upgrade was only a fraction of the cost of a Montreal-Miami ticket.

Delighted, I checked in for the Barbados-Miami flight on Eastern, only to find that first class was full, and I was bumped down to economy! But the final insult was back in the office in Montreal, when the office manager told me, despite my explanation of why I was claiming the upgrade, he was disallowing it as it was against company policy to fly first class.

Fortunately, my boss stepped in and overrode him.

Graeme Shelford

We received several responses to Bob Austin's request for information in NetLetter #1459

Seems that the pin/pendant brings back some pleasant memories -

From Paul Dhillon -

This was the 'six month pin' given to employees coming off 6 months probation and becoming permanent AC employees. The majority were made in the style of jacket lapel pins (without the ring hoop). However, the style shown was an option for the female staff as it could be used as a necklace pendant.

Here is a picture of ladies necklace pendant and men’s pin with tie tack or jacket lapel attachment options.


Paul Dhillon
GM-STOC Operations (Retired), YVR

tmb 550 pendants

From Gord Simons -

Please let Bob Austin know that the pendant was given to new female employees at induction time. A similar one was given to the male employees. The pendant is from the 1970’s.

Gord Simons

From Percy Cooley -

Bob Austin from Ottawa was looking for information on an Air Canada pendant that he sent a photograph of.

I have a lapel pin that is identical to the centre of his pendant that was given to me by my Supervisor on November 28, 1973 to commemorate the successful completion of my six month probationary period and to welcome me as a permanent member of the AC employee family. Not a pendant but the same design.

Hope this helps…..I continue to enjoy reading The NetLetter…keep up the good work.

Percy Cooley, Retired, Air Canada

From Linda Reverchon -

I have the identical item which got put on a charm bracelet. I received it, if memory serves, to mark my first five years with Air Canada. I was in the Reservations office in Vancouver on West Hastings Street.

I had been hired as a temporary reservations agent in October of 1972 in Miami, where I and my new husband were living, however my first few weeks were spent as the weekend Telex operator.

In the winter of 1973 I applied for Toronto Reservations on Bloor Street and arrived there in the midst of the CP Air strike in June of that year. My supervisor Ed Farrow and I started on the same day. What a panic!

I applied for Vancouver Reservations in the summer of 1974 and got there in May, 1975. That was 'home' until another strike, a short one of passenger agents in the spring of 1985.

By the time this was over, my transfer to YVR had come through, so in June, 1985, I started at gates and check-in. This lasted for a few months until a position on the ticket counter became available at schedule change that fall. That is where I remained until my final days at YVR in late October 1997.

My official retirement date was February 1, 1998. Can’t believe it’s already been 23 years!

Best wishes to all,
Linda Reverchon

Readers Photos

Submitted Photos

David Harwood has sent us some photos of posters which his father had collected.

The New York poster has TCA and AC along the bottom, but the colour had either faded, or it was just a different finish.

tmb poster guadeloupe tmb poster new york

tmb poster bahamas tmb poster germany

Eric Watt visited the Pima Air and Space Museum and sends this information gleaned from the guidebook available at the museum -

  1. Eric did make sure to correct the spelling of Trans-Canada Air Lines; it is spelled 'Trans Canada Airlines' in the guidebook.

This is the 40th Viscount built, the first in North America registered CF-TGI by Trans-Canada Air Lines.

At 9 a.m. on April 18, 1955 it became the first turbine powered aircraft to fly a commercial revenue service in both Canada and the US, departing Toronto for New York with 40 passengers. It flew with Trans-Canada Air Lines until 1963 when it was transferred to TransAir in Canada. In 1973 it was sold to a private individual and was sold in 1980 to the Northwest Travel Club and given the present registration of N22SN.

That didn’t last long and it was sold to Tucson based Viscount Air Services, providing charter and corporate transportation to many groups including rock and roll bands.

In 1991 it was donated to Pima Air and Space Museum where it remains to this very day.

tmb 550 Viscount

Remember When

  Remember When

This, the fifth in a series, appeared in the "Horizons" magazine issue dated April 1996.

Life as a Con by Annette Malvar

Zurich and gambling, I know, you probably can't see the connection, but let me explain. It's said that the "true" gambler knows he's going to eventually lose his money. Why play then? Because it's the actual act of playing that's enticing.

Such is my relationship with Zurich. I know I'm never going to get out of that city on my first attempt, but it's the actual act of trying (preferably on an AC flight), which entices me. And, like a 'true gambler', I'm often forced to leave my hard-earned money behind in the process.

I've been left in Zurich for number of reasons, none of which had anything to do with a full flight. Twice I've arrived at the airport only to find out the flight had been cancelled. Once I arrived late at the airport because of a snowstorm. And six times, I've been stranded for weight and balance reasons. With that illustrious track record, I've also managed to develop a few survival skills which I will share with you.

Zurich is expensive. So of course, there's a distinct lack of 'no-tell' motels in and around the airport. I've spent evenings phoning around for hotels that offered an airline discount only to get a 10 percent off the regular 'penthouse' rate. Yeah right!

Once I stayed in the Movenpick hotel. Considering the cost of their meals, I was surprised to get a rate that was within my VISA limit, Who knew we were getting a deal because of renovations and would have to listen to a jackhammer all night (or was that my travel partner snoring?).

Finding affordable restaurants is also a challenge in Zurich. It seems we're always hungriest when my travel buddies and I don't have a cent left. We once had to return duty-free items when we didn't get a flight just to have a little cash for McDonald's. Another time, our famous 'SWISS' chocolate ended up being our meal.

In conclusion, bring lots of money if you're to going to Zurich and if I'm on a street corner begging, please be generous.


Women in Aviation

Air Canada Salutes the Contributions and Achievements of its Women Employees on International Women’s Day 2021.

2021 Winners of the Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship

As part of Air Canada's efforts to promote non-traditional aviation careers to the next generation of women, it established the Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship in honour of the airline's trailblazing first female pilot.

The scholarship recognizes high-potential women studying in aviation and aerospace, and is open to young women pursuing non-traditional aviation careers such as commercial pilots or aircraft maintenance engineers who may not have the financial means to do so.

This year's winners are: Kahina Gagnon, Urooj Ali, Winnie Ho and Caitlyn Lam.

Click the image below to view comments from the recipients (bilingual).

tmb 550 scholarship

AC News

Air Canada News

click here redfor the latest posts at the Air Canada Mediaroom.

you tube linkClick the logo to open the Air Canada YouTube channel. 

Star Alliance News

Star Alliance News

Star Alliance Named World's Leading Airline Alliance.

Five Star Alliance Member Airlines Obtain World Leadership Awards for 2020.

tmb world travel awardStar Alliance has been named the World’s Leading Airline Alliance in this year’s World Travel Awards.

The annual awards cover multiple categories and are awarded based on a worldwide poll of qualified executives working within travel and tourism, and the consumer travel buyer. The awards serve to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry. 



TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

tmb 550 horizons classic

From the 'Horizons' magazine.

Issue dated May 1997.

Always in fashion.

Air Canada uniforms through the ages.

tmb 550 always in fashion

En Route goes to Asia

Written and designed to capitalize on our growing Asian travel market, enRoute Asia made its April debut on board Air Canada's trans-Pacific flights. The glossy, full colour in-flight magazine will be issued quarterly, to coincide with the change of seasons. It is written in Japanese, Korean and Chinese to allow Asian customers a chance to experience Canada and Air Canada in their language of choice while on board.

"The launch of enRoute Asia demonstrates Air Canada's commitment to lead the industry in in-flight services. We tailor technology, entertainment and meal services to reflect our individual customers' interests, preferences and needs to create a unique travel experience," says Rupert Duchesne, Vice President, Marketing. 

These recently hired flight attendants are all smiles as they display the inaugural issue of enRoute Asia.

From left to right, Japanese-speaking, Yuko Gillis, Chinese-speaking, Martin Chok and Korean-speaking Susan Lee.

tmb 550 asian flt attendants

Halifax Customer Sales and Service Agent Bliss FitzRandolph said goodbye to her co-workers after 30 years with the airline.  She's looking forward to an exciting new life in Holland where her husband has accepted a new job.

Front row, left to right: Giselle Baird, Shirley McDonald, Steve MacdonaldBliss FitzRandolph, Naomi Walsh and Bob Lockyer.

Second row, left to right: Mary Foster, Bonnie Bailey, Joni Dubeau, Marlis Dupupet, Donna Jussup, Debbie Graham, Karlene Dooks, Gord Misener and George Robertson.

Back row, left to right: Craig Corbett, Gus McDonald, Mike Whitehead, Pam Harnett, Gord Simons, Ron Allain and Joyce Wedmark.

tmb 550 bliss fitzrandolph yhz

Halifax handles Concorde.

Kudos to Air Canada's Halifax team for their handling of an aircraft they don't often see — a Concorde.

In February, 1997, while enroute from London's Heathrow to New York's JFK Airport, the BA Concorde blew one of its four engines over the Atlantic and landed in Halifax.

Air Canada's Acting CSM Randy McNiven and the Ramp team ground handled the Concorde and a B-747 which was dispatched to transport the passengers to New York.

Thanks to STOC Coordinator Brian Murray for all the details, including a tip on two celeb passengers who were spotted crossing the YHZ ramp to the B-747 — no other than Elton John and Pete Townsend.

Editors' Note: Sadly, Brian was so thrilled at seeing the celebs, that he forgot to name his ramp co-workers.

Here is a photo taken by Bill MacNeil while the Concorde was being serviced.

tmb 550 concorde at halifax

Air Canada Sells Three DC-9 Aircraft.

In March, 1997, Air Canada sold and delivered the first of three DC-9 aircraft to Cebu Pacific Air of the Philippines. The first of Air Canada's 20 DC-9 aircraft for sale, Fin #716, was modified to 110 seat configuration and painted in Cebu Pacific Air's livery. Cebu's newest addition went into revenue service the very next day after reaching the Philippines.

"Cebu Pacific Air was most impressed with the performance of our aircraft and have commented that it is a jewel in their fleet." said Noel Rodriguez, AC's Planning Team Leader. Air Canada's fins 717 and 718 were delivered later in April.

In the photo below, Air Canada staff hand over of the logbook to Cebu Pacific Air representatives (from left to right):

Simon Bacharani, Aircraft Technician; Tommy Heald, C.A.T.; Lito Catuncan, Planner; Job Rejante, Technical Representative, Cebu Pacific; Noel Rodriguez, Planning Team Leader; Captain Arturo Santos, Cebu Pacific; Captain Benjamin Gepilano, Chief Pilot, Cebu Pacific; Captain Antonio Rosales, Cebu Pacific; Dave Fernandez, Cebu Pacific; Rolando Almonia, Cebu Pacific; and Pierre Joncas, Production Planner.

tmb 550 840 sale of 3 dc9

A group of new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) coordinators were recently trained to help employees find counselling for all types of problems. These employees volunteer their time to help their colleagues and family in a confidential and supportive manner.

In the photo we have:

Back row, left to right: Bob Hennessey, Station Attendant, Charlottetown; Richard Lemire, Material Planner, Dorval; Brian Murray, Humanitas, Toronto; Jean Savoie, Station Attendant,  Moncton; Jeff Andrew, Station Attendant, Vancouver and Steve Miller, Station Attendant, Thunder Bay.

Middle row, left to right: Adriana DiSalvo, Customer Sales and Service Agent, Dorval; Bertha Lemke, Customer Service Agent, Los Angeles; Debbie Scarborough, Station Attendant, Toronto; Christina Belding, Lead Station Attendant Toronto; Marilyn McMullen, Manager, Cargo Receivables, Winnipeg; Karen Mallory, Scheduler, Dorval; Louise Berthiaume, Flight Attendant, Dorval; Bonnie MacKenzie, Customer Service Agent, Saint John; Charlette Treddenick, In-Charge Flight Attendant, Toronto; Chantal Goulet, In-Charge Flight Attendant Dorval and Pierre Jean, Team Leader - Vancouver.

Front row, left to right: Lorraine Crevier, Flight Attendant Toronto; Dennis Buzahora, Station Attendant, Winnipeg; Donna Volpini, Customer Service Manager, Baggage, Toronto and Gilles Filion, Mechanic, Dorval. 

tmb 550 eap coordinators


CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery

CP Air Banner

tmb pacific has published a very good story on the history of Pacific Western Airlines entitled 'What Happened To Canada’s Pacific Western Airlines?'

Excerpt from the story:

From post-war product Central British Columbia Airlines to part of Canada’s second-largest carrier with Boeing 747's, Pacific Western Airlines helped shape the country’s aviation history. Let’s take a look back at its journey from providing logistics for remote mining camps to its transition to Canadian Airlines, and its subsequent purchase by rival Air Canada.

Click the photo or the link to read the full story.

cpa newsletter

From the Canadian Pacific Airlines Newsletter magazine.

Issue dated October 1963

tmb cpa hertha muellerFor the first time, CPA has a ground hostess at an off-line point.

She is Hertha Mueller formerly of reservations at Seattle, who has donned a CPA uniform and assists passengers at Seattle-Tacoma Airport who have come from or are destined for points served by CPA.


tmb cpa rome salesRome sales representative Amadeo Cimarelli, left, compares notes with Sales Director Frank Holland, right, and General Traffic Manager, Bert Riley.

Cimarelli was in Canada on a Southern Europe promotion, the other two had just returned from an inspection trip to Europe.

tmb cpa mile zero signCompeting with CPA emblem weathercock on the aerial “mile zero" post overlooking Vancouver on Mt. Seymour are four headquarters ladies representing CPA destinations.

From top, Lorraine Tanaka, Japan, Deanna Wong, Hong Kong, Margaret Heywood, Australia and Marietta Ramaer, The Netherlands.

The sign was erected by North Shore Tourist Bureau with CPA participation.

Three ladies on a wing.

tmb cpa three girls on wingWidespread publicity for CPA resulted from this photo of three stewardesses on a DC-8 wingtip. All are former beauty queens.

From left: Barbara Boyd, finalist for Miss Calgary Stampede, Carol Kish, Miss Pacific National Exhibition and Frances MacInnis, Miss Winnipeg.

That's purser Bob Schumacher far below.

Featured Video

 Featured Video(s)

Our 'Featured Video' comes from Paul Stewart's YouTube channel and shows the only 'Super Connie' still certified airworthy.

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation "Connie", registration VH-EAG is captured during engine start, taxiing, takeoff and landing at Albion Park / Shellharbour Airport in New South Wales, Australia.

Editor's Note: The Breitling Jet Team, the largest aerobatic display team in Europe, retired and dismantled their 'Super Connie' in 2019.

tmb 550 super connie

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

tmb air maltaName this airline – answer in 'Terry's Trivia' below.


tmb westjetWestJet intends to restore flights to several cities in eastern Canada in late June, a move meaning the company would again be flying to all the cities in Canada that it served before the pandemic.


Cargojet Inc. is expanding its relationship with e-commerce giant Amazon after reaching an agreement to operate two Amazon-owned wide-body Boeing 767 aircraft within Canada.


tmb 550 cargojet aircraft

Airbus A330 MRTT cleared to pursue Canadian tanker deal.

Canada has notified Airbus Defence & Space that its A330 multi-role tanker transport (MRTT) has been qualified to bid in a process to replace its air force fleet of A310s. A rival offer of the Boeing KC-46 Pegasus was rejected by Ottawa.

An invitation to qualify process for the Strategic Tanker Transport Capability (STTC) project was launched on February 12, 2021. Airbus announced on April 1, 2021 that this activity “has identified the A330 MRTT as capable of meeting the project’s requirements”.


tmb 550 airbus a330 mrtt


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articles

Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair 

You never know what a quick Google search will find. I wanted to see if I could find a rare aircraft that had flown in the Eastern Provincial Airways fleet to write about; it didn't take very long. The ATL-98 Carvair (pictured in this edition's header) came up among the photos in the search and certainly fit what I was looking for. 

While researching the history of the aircraft, I noticed that it is  frequently described as one of the ugliest and weirdest looking aircraft ever built. It looks to me like a cross between a Boeing 747 and an Airbus Beluga but, while watching the video (link below) of the vehicles being loaded through the nose, an image of a piranha swallowing a goldfish came to mind. 

The aircraft model was apparently developed in the 1960's as an idea from the always innovative Freddie Laker to modify some surplus Douglas DC-4's to replace Bristol Freighters and carry cars across the English Channel (car-via-air). 

Although not an attractive aircraft, it was quite practical. As operated by British Air Ferries (BAF), it could carry up to 5 cars with 22 passengers or, with quick conversion, fewer cars and more passengers. 

CF-EPX (pictured in header) was leased by EPA from Air Lingus (July 1968) to carry freight to remote regions in the Maritimes. On September 28, 1968 it was damaged beyond repair while attempting to land at Twin Falls, Labrador.

A second ATL-98 was operated in Canada by Hawkair as late as 1999 under registration C-GAAH

Thanks to Terry, Ken & Bob for their assistance with this article.   

you tube linkClick the icon  for YouTube videos of the ATL-98 Carvair.

Additional information: - - - An extensive history of the Hawkair Carvair from its DC-4 beginnings to the end of its career. Some excellent photos in this site.

CNN Travel - Car ferries in the skies: The rise and fall of the Aviation Traders Carvair (click the photo below).

TMB 550 ATL98 Carvair BAF


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

Answer for the mystery airline in 'Odds and Ends'.

The flag carrier of Malta, Air Malta was formed in 1974 after a merger between two private airlines. It is headquartered in Luqa and operates between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Air Malta commenced operations on April 1, 1974 and Malta declared itself a republic later in the same year.

The setting up of Air Malta was one of the first signs of a young nation fostering its identity and finding a new international voice. By creating reliable air links to and from key European cities, Air Malta was able to support the economic and cultural development of the Islands. As standard bearer for the nation, our remit has always been that of an ambassador for the Maltese Islands.


Editors' Note: Photo in 'Odds and Ends' section from

tmb pal airlinePAL Airlines, a Newfoundland-based airline, will service the Fredericton International Airport with direct flights to Deer Lake and St. John's, starting May 31, 2021.

PAL Airlines announced it would offer three weekly flights to both cities, marking the first time Fredericton has ever had direct flights to Newfoundland.

"This is a long time coming... we're confident there's a demand for this," said Fredericton Airport CEO Johanne Gallant. "We're really pleased to see that PAL Airlines is willing to take this on."

The airline will also offer three weekly direct flights from Fredericton to Ottawa and Halifax, beginning August 2, 2021.


IATA Introduces Travel Pass Vaccination App.

If you’re vaccinated, there’s now a travel app for that. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has developed its Travel Pass app to allow users to store verified COVID-19 test results and vaccine certification on phones to smooth border procedures on international flights.

The app is expected to be available for iPhones on April 15, 2021 and later on Android. It’s been beta tested on a Singapore-London flight and now Barbados has agreed to allow it as proof of vaccination for passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London on April 16, 2021.


tmb 550 covid travel pass



Our cartoon by D.  Fallwell appeared in the "CP Air News" magazine issued December 1977.
08 8 Dec 1977 1360


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Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker
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