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NetLetter #1339 | March 28, 2016
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Air Canada Fin # 412

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the NetLetter, an Aviation based newsletter for Air Canada, TCA, CPAir, Canadian Airlines and all other Canadian based airlines that once graced the Canadian skies.

The NetLetter was created in 1995 by Vesta Stevenson (RIP) and Terry Baker and is published on the second and fourth weekend of each month. If you are interested in Canadian Aviation History, and vintage aviation photos, especially as it relates to Trans-Canada Air Lines, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines International and their constituent airlines, then we're sure you'll enjoy this newsletter. Our website is located at

AC News

Air Canada News

Air Canada rouge leased ex-Caribbean 767-300ER (26327) with PW4060s from AerCap.

tmb b767 rouge yvr cancunOn February 15th 2016, Air Canada rouge inaugurated winter seasonal service between Vancouver and Cancun with a fiesta in the terminal complete with a Mexican-themed celebration complete with music, food and general merriment. The aircraft departs from rainy Vancouver (pictured). (source YVR AirMail)

Star Alliance News

Star Alliance News

In NetLetter nr 1337 we had information regarding
"ZED fares on Star Alliance Members”.
Christine Hayvice has sent us this information -

I want to correct an error in your Feb 27 edition about ZED fares. It is possible to book them on an iPhone. The trick is to turn off the pop up blocker in the Safari browser.

This also has to be done anytime one uses Safari on an Apple desktop or a Macbook Air laptop. On those two one goes to Preferences in Safari and unticks the pop up blocker. On an iPhone go to Settings then Safari. Find ‘Block Pop-ups” and turn it off.

Then when you click on MyIDTravel you will get a pop up that says “This site is attempting to open a pop-up window.” click on Allow and away you go.
I imagine the same applies for an iPad but I don’t have one to test it out.

Cheers Christine

Readers Photos

Reader Submitted Photos

Ken Starnes has sent us a group of photos of the Aircraft Maintenance Retirement Party held at the  Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club in Dorval  in  1983 which appeared in NetLetter nr 1338, here are some more –

tmb TommyVanStokkomJohn  Doljar , Mrs. VanStokkom , Mrs. Doljar , Tommy VanStokkom Foreman Aircraft Maintenance . (Retiree)
tmb dave marleauSam Gatelaro , Phil Whittingstall , Mrs. Marleau , Mrs. Whittingstall , Dave Marleau General Foreman Finishing Shop ( Retiree )
tmb Bill SimSam Gatelaro, Mrs B. Sim, Bill Sim Finishing Foreman, Merle Wolfe  Secretary

Ian and Agnes Jackson has sent us this photo - 
tmb dc 8 deliveryDC8 instructor, Captain Ian Jackson shown here shaking hands with Douglas Rep, Jim Pintas, while taking delivery of our second DC8 with modified door in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On the left, John Bradshaw, Toronto Supervisor; Jim Pintas; Don McKay, AC DC 8 engineer; Gerry Spraklin, Ian Jackson, and (an unknown) AC Maintenance Representative, Tulsa.

Jack Stephens has sent us this e-mail he received from Don Heron regarding Don's father George Heron and he also forwarded us some photos which Don had provided..

George K Heron was born in Toronto in 1910 and became very proficient in ham radio as a hobby. He hired on with Trans Canada Air Lines in Toronto in 1938 and was immediately assigned to early familiarization flights to ensure the radios worked as intended and to improve the radio systems. George was then transferred to the TCA maintenance base in Winnipeg. After WW 2 broke out, he was transferred with his new wife, Margaret, to Montreal to support radio maintenance for TCA’s role in the Return Ferry Service. After the war, George and his family was transferred back to Winnipeg where he spent the balance of his career headquartered at the TCA maintenance base in the field of radio and electronics.

Here is a series of scans and a word document with captions of photos in one George’s photo albums from the era.

Don Heron, Calgary.

tmb st hubert startupTCA operations at Montreal were from St. Hubert airport in Quebec. Here we have this photo taken in October 1938.

tmb cf tce maltonWith his move to Toronto, George took these photos of CF-TCE getting prepared for an Eastern Canada familiarization tour in October 1938.

tmb cf tce malton orlando heron A photo of CF-TCE with Don's grandfather Orlando Heron and the hired person who helped Orlando's wife.
tmb cf tce george heronOne photo has CF-TCE with George Heron, in white coveralls, who was the radio specialist on the tour.
tmb north bay ontSome of the stops on the tour included North Bay, Ontario
tmb armstrong ontGeorge Heron helping with refuelling at Armstrong, Ontario

tmb WagamingWagaming Ontario, which was listed on the original TCA timetable as "Service Stop when Necessary", was also on the tour.

(George Heron's next move was to Winnipeg, and we have some of his photos which will be in NetLetter nr 1340 – eds).


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

tmb 1945 Feb1945 - February - Timetable Trans-Canada Air Lines from the private collection of Bjorn Larsson (pictured).

1947 - October - Inaugural North Star service between Montreal and Shannon, Ireland.

1955 - April 4th - Inauguration of Viscount service between Toronto and New York operated with  CF-TGK.

Located in the "Between Ourselves" magazine issued October 1948.

tmb ardhur houseArdhur House in Limerick, Ireland which was the home-away-from-home for TCA'ers who were on temporary assignment at Shannon, Ireland.

tmb boston airport ferryBoston's Airport Ferry takes airline passengers in quick time between Logan Airport and the downtown Boston.

Found in the "Horizons" magazine issued August 1972.

tmb crete calf charterThe United States Air Force and Olympic Airlines teamed up with Air Canada at Heraklion Airport to unload the first shipment of calves on the island of Crete.

The DC·8 cargo aircraft unofficially stole the show when it landed at the Greek island's main airport during ceremonies marking inauguration of the airport. Accustomed to disembarking tourists of all nationalities, guests and local dignitaries seemed more interested in Air Canada's arrival and hurried over to watch the 285 ''Canadians'' being unloaded.

The double-deck stalls in the freighter were unloaded by U.S. airmen of the Heraklion air base, supervised by Athens Sales Manager Ianni Souvaliotis. The Toronto-based crew of Captain Gus Crocker, First Officer Dan Parker and Second Officer Howie Jacobs flew the Crete cattle charter. 
(Those of us who travel economy can feel for the cattle in this shipment – eds)

tmb philly river cruiseAir Canada participants in Philadelphia's annual Delaware River Cruise for the Travel industry are seen with Philly Sales Manager Hugh Mackay at the microphone.
From the left: Joe Pareti, Sales Manager, New Jersey; Rhonda Spottor, secretary to the Public Relations Manager, New York; Donna and Hugh Mackay and New York Passenger Sales Manager Gerry Churchill.

Issue dated February 1980.

tmb kl chartersIn August 1979, the company signed a charter contract with the Canadian Government to supply a DC-8 and crew plus the necessary ground crews to transport Vietnamese refugees from Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia to Edmonton and Montreal during the period September 29 to November 28th 1979.

It was not an ordinary DC-8 charter operation and to many employees, especially the flight crews and ground support staff involved, doors were opened to new experiences and new relationships as they became exposed to the contrasts of the exotic Far East.

At the completion of this charter, another charter contract was signed to cover four flights to Singapore and three to Bangkok commencing in January 1980.

In our photo, a group of refugees seeks shelter from the hot sun at Kuala Lumpar while waiting to board the company charter flight to Canada. The photo was taken by Jack Burgess, Aircraft Maintenance Foreman, Vancouver.

(Does anyone involved wish to share any memories or photos? – eds)

Alan's Space

Alan's Space

Alan RustAlan is on R & R in Hawaii


CPAir, Canadi>n People Gallery

CPAir/Canadian People Galler

1965 Oct1965 - October - Timetable for Canadian Pacific Airlines from the private collection of Bjorn Larsson. (pictured)

1990 - Dec 12th - Service between Vancouver-Taipai-Hong Kong commenced.

1991 - April 12th - First A320 Airbus delivered.

Found in the "INFO:CARGO" magazine issue date January 1991.

tmb cpa gad winnersVictoria divisional GAD winners, was the first partner station (First Air) to win the annual Guaranteed Cargo Contest. In this photo we have:

Back row from the left:
Carla Unser, Cargo Agent; Keith Johns, Cargo Sales and Service Manager; Dan Hunt, Cargo Lead Agent; Ron Shelton, P & D Operator; Donna Lynch, Customer Service Manager; Aurora Serptco, Cargo Agent.

Front row from left: Ron Ostipochuk, Mike Saunders and Brian Jan, Cargo Agents.

Issue date May 1991

tmb cpa cargo lhrThis heading “We've arrived”., accompanied this photo to celebrate the transfer of Canadi>n Air Cargo U.K. sales base to Heathrow airport (LHR) at the beginning of April 1991.

From the left: Mark Bright, Manager Cargo Sales and Service, London; Tim Hitchings, Cargo Sales Representative; Paul Norris, Regional Manager Cargo Sales & Service, Europe; Peter Comport, Cargo Sales Representative

tmb cpa bob sedlakThe routine rarely varied. Each night at 20:30 hrs CP729 departed Chicago arriving the next morning at 10:00 hrs plus one at Toronto's air cargo terminal. The sleek 44-foot cruiser carries only one passenger and the rest is cargo. "Most customers don't even know that CP729 is not an airplane but semi-trailer truck." Here we have the photo of the lone "passenger".

On the right is Bob Sedlak, Manager, Cargo Sales and Service with Anthony Williams, Operations Manager, Air Cargo Express.

From the "CP AirNews" magazine issue dated Mid July 1984.

tmb cpa pegasus at buenos airesThe Pegasus System was introduced to Lima on July 16th, Santiago July 25th and July 30th at Buenos Aires.
In this photo, we have the new Pegasus equipment being inspected in the Buenos Aires ticket office, form the left: Bill Morgan, Assistant Manager; Veronica Lavigne, Ticket Agent; Monica Rodriguez, Ticket Agent; Jimmy Rush, Supervisor; and Eida Barbieri, Ticket Agent.

tmb cpa pegasusIn Santiago, here are the staff checking out the Pegasus System.

From the left standing: Pablo Lorca, Cargo Agent; Francisco Briones, Reservations CTO Supervisor;Antonieta San Martin, Time-payment Plan Clerk; and Ian Williamson, Reservations Sales Agent.

Seated are: Cecilia Lanas, Passenger Agent; Elena Zenteno, Passenger Agent; and Veronica Gomez, Senior Passenger Agent.

On the right side of the photo we have Marcelo Parreil, Sales Representative; and Raul Cifuentes, Cargo Manager with Francisco Briores.

tmb cpa japan service pinsSeven Tokyo employees receive service pins in a ceremony when Bob Connor (left) Regional Vice President, Pacific/Latin America visited Japan.

In the photo from the left:

Shigero Tanaka, Customer Service Supervisor, cargo, 25 years; Masae Kimura, Reservations Sales Agent, 15 years; Reiko Izumi, Reservations Sales Agent, 5 years; Masakazu Ichikawa, 5 years; Yoichiro Kuhara, Reservations Sales Supervisor, 25 years; Noriaki Hatta, Passenger Sales Representative, 15 years and Derek Hood, Director, Japan/Korea.

Also, but missing the photo op,  was Toshio Makayama, passenger agent who received a 15 year pin.


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articlesBoeing 727 - Air Canada Fleet

I have been attempting to track down the current whereabouts of the Boeing 727 fleet that flew in Air Canada livery. I can account for a total of thirty-nine aircraft deployed in passenger service but I am omitting three aircraft that flew on short term leases for cargo service in the late seventies.

Air Canada took delivery of Fin 401 on September 25, 1974 and deliveries continued in sequence until June 17, 1982 with the arrival of Fin 439. Originally utilized on Rapidair service, the aircraft was also a good fit for Trans border routes from eastern Canada to Florida and Caribbean destinations.

Replaced by the Airbus A320 beginning in 1990, the majority of the aircraft were transferred to FedEx where they became cargo work horses for many more years. Today most of them are stored at Victorville, California with others stored at various airports, most in the United States but one shows in Tianjin China (Fin # 414), where they are used for training purposes. Fin 401 seems to be serving this function in Dayton, Ohio.

Remarkably, I actually found two aircraft that may still be in service with Amerijet International of Miami, Florida. I sent an e-mail to their Customer Service requesting confirmation but have not received a reply. These aircraft were not sold to FedEx but were leased to Air Transat between 1991 and 1994 before being aquired by Amerijet.

Fin 406 original registration C-GAAF is now registered as N495AJ (pictured) has now been in service for 41 years. View at FlightRadar24.
tmb n495aj
Fin 412 (pictured in header) original registration C-GAAL is now registered as N395AJ ; I cannot confirm that it is still in service.

 Sources: ,

Reader's Feedback

Reader's Feedback

In the Netletter #1338 March 13,2016 you are mentioning Aircraft Maintenance Retirement Party (including photos).

The Superintendent DC-9 O/Haul is written as Jim Ruddock. It should be Jim Riddoch.

Jiri George Koristka

Betty Draper sent us this cutting from the "Winnipeg Free Press" newspaper July 14th 1965.

Experts agree :Strong Force" split CPA CF-CUQ DC-6B airliner apart.

Exploding acid mixed in a lavatory was a strong possibility as the cause of the crash 20 miles west of 100 Mile House, BC on July 8th 1965. One of the passengers was an unemployed Surrey man who was bound for Prince George looking for employment. He was one of two passengers had recently taken out an insurance policy for $125,000.

Canadian Pacific Flight 21 was a domestic flight from Vancouver (YVR) to Whitehorse (YXY) via Prince George (YXS), Fort St . John (YXJ), Fort Nelson (YYE) and Watson Lake (YQH). At 14:42, the DC-6 "Empress of City of Buenos Aires" took off on an instrument flight plan for Prince George, via Victor 300 and Blue 22 airways.

Enroute, at 15:29 the crew reported to Vancouver ATC Centre that they had passed Ashcroft at 16,000 feet. They were estimating William Lake at 15:48. At 15:38 hours, Vancouver Centre called Flight 21 and did not receive a reply. About two minutes later, three "Mayday" calls were heard by Vancouver Centre. An explosion had occurred in the left aft lavatory. Smoke trailed the aircraft and the tail separated from the fuselage. The main portion of the wreckage assumed a nose down attitude and spiralled to the left until it crashed into a wooded area.
A stone cairn & bronze plaque unveiled August 31st 2013 at 100 Mile House, BC.

 tmb cpa flt 21 memorial  tmb cpa flt 21 memorial 1

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

tmb concrete beaconOn a bluff near St George, Utah, this concrete arrow remains from the Commerce Department’s Transcontinental Airway System, a chain of beacons built in 1923 to guide airmail pilots. Clouds and fog rendered them useless. One mail pilot was forced by bad weather to parachute out of two airplanes in two months in the fall of 1926 (after one jump in training and another as a test pilot). Undeterred by this, the pilot—a Minnesota politician’s kid named Charles Lindbergh—continued his flying career with some success.


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerGo to for a long list of contacts for your travel needs.

In NetLetter nr 1336, under this column,  we had information regarding City Leisure and some of our readers had a problem with the url we supplied.

 Here are new urls -


1. London -
2. Paris -
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4. Dublin -
5. Rome -
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7. Las Vegas -
8. New Orleans -

Should your flight be delayed by more than 3 hours, or 4 hours for a long-haul flight, confirmed passengers may be eligible for a "welfare package" from your airline.
If your airline does not give you a "welfare package" you can claim back any meals, transport and hotel costs from the airline, just keep your receipts.
Certain restrictions apply, but if you are delayed, you can ask the airline. If your flight is cancelled or arrives more than 3 hours late, you may be able to claim compensation on top.

Click here to view & download Air Canada's policy on compensation.



tmb cpa cartoon 7 1339This cartoon by Don Rice was found in the "Canadi>n Contact" magazine issued August 1989.

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