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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

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First Vickers Vanguard Delivered To Trans-Canada Air Lines (1960)

Location: Wisley Airfield, Surrey, England, Great Britain

Story about the delivery of the first of twenty-three Vanguard aeroplanes to Trans-Canada Air Lines

  • Two LS Luggage going aboard the Vickers Vanguard aircraft. CU. Notice, "Flight 0000". CU. Sign on side of aircraft "TCA" set in maple leaf. MS. Captain George Lothian TCA. Superintendent of Flying and Captain R. Rymer, Vickers-Armstrong senior experimental test pilot standing together beneath wing of plane. LS. Capt. Lothian and Capt. Rymer standing by propellor of plane shaking hands.

  • LS. Capt. Lothian and Capt. Rymer enter plane, together with others. LS. Men entering plane. CU. Capt. Lothian and Capt. Rymer seated in cockpit looking at controls, etc.

  • LS. Vickers Vanguard, with people standing round in fg LS. Tail of the Vanguard. LS. Body of the Vanguard, showing Trans-Canada Air Lines on side. LS. Members of TCA and Vickers-Armstrong posing on steps of plane, they turn and enter plane. LS. Steps fold up automatically into aircraft. MS. Door of aircraft closes. LS. Propellors of aircraft start up. LS. Vickers Vanguard taxis for take off. LS. Vanguard takes off and disappears into distance.


Viscount Delivery 1960