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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

tmb class of 1969Yvonne Peel, retired Air Canada flight attendant, has put together a collection of her memories and experiences during her 31 years adventure with the airline.

Below we have a link to a short story about her experience of training for a flight attendant career. Yvonne was a member of a 1969 class, the class photo is above left.

pdf download50x47"Five Weeks of Stress" by Yvonne Peel.

tmb bette nashGretchen Dawson has sent us a link to a story about Bette Nash a flight attendant with American Airlines who is in her 80's.

Gretchen writes:

Hello, just thought you'd enjoy and find this article interesting (Click Here for the article). Modern times, eh? WOW!! Not here in Canada!! Yet!!

Just a note.....I'm almost positive that here in Canada, certainly at Air Canada, a flight attendant must retire at age 65! It used to be age 60 back in the early '80's and even at 50 years of age before that.

From inception, 1939 to January 1, 1965 one (females only!) had to leave upon marriage. That never did apply to the male pursers/stewards!

Between 1965 and 1968 a married female flight attendant who got pregnant also had to leave as there was no "pregnancy leave" available back then! That's when I had to go! It broke my heart. Having to leave the job as a single female (never the male!), who turned 32 years old, was still in place back then too!

Cheers Gretchen