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From Neil Burton -

I notice that on occasion The NetLetter has items in its publication of WACA events.

tmb waca newsMight you like to post copies of Vancouver Interline Club’s hosting of the 11th Annual General Assembly, at Vancouver, from October 8 to 14, 1978?

Believe up to 10 motor coaches were used to show the WACA guests the sights of Vancouver and a trip on Thursday, October 12, 1978, to The Harrison Hotel, at Harrison Hot Springs, for a luncheon hosted by the Government and the People of British Columbia.

Neil sent us a copy of the "WACA News" issued October 1978.

A copy of the "Between the Lines", a magazine published by the Vancouver Interline Club, dated October 1978 advertises the monthly dance which, that month, was sponsored by CP Air (below left).

Also a copy of the menu offered during the 11th Annual General Meeting of the Worlds Airlines Clubs Association (WACA) held on October 12, 1978 (below right).

tmb vic news tmb waca dance menu

Subscriber Andrew Crain has sent in his personal experience with a classic aircraft.
tmb 550 IMG 1199

My visit with Fin #712

I'm neither a pilot nor do I work in the airline industry. I've just always had an appreciation for machines, especially those that have proved their worth over time.

Growing up near Moncton (YQM) in the 80's and 90's, I was able to see (and hear!) Air Canada's DC-9's taking off and landing on a regular basis. My first airplane ride was in one from YYZ to YQM when I was about 5 years old. I wasn't even aware of their retirement until I started noticing around 2000 that I barely saw them anymore, and the not too distant sound of reverse thrust being engaged wasn't being heard. Sure enough, Air Canada retired these workhorses in 2001-2002.

In the summer of 2003, before I moved to Ottawa to pursue my career the following year, I made a trip to the capital city and made a stop to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Of course, my first priority was to see Fin #711/C-FTLL (serial 47021), which I knew had been restored to 60's livery and donated to the museum the previous year. I had my picture taken (see below) with the aircraft and was amazed and happy that the museum was preserving a piece of Canadian aviation history. A few years later, as a volunteer at the museum, I was able to see the very clean interior.

Fast forward to 2016, and I was on a business trip to Winnipeg. I had some time to spare upon my arrival, and I knew that the Stevenson Campus of Red River College had received the museum's sister ship, Fin #712/C-FTLM (serial 47022) to use as a maintenance trainer. I contacted the college, and Mr. Douglas Rowsome was extremely kind and agreed to show me around the aircraft when I arrived.

Once there, I knew this was going to be an amazing visit. The aircraft was hooked up to a generator, and her systems were running! This was 15 years after her last flight! Although not airworthy, the school had obviously kept some systems going. I toured the aircraft extensively, and enjoyed every minute of it. Fin #712 was not a museum piece, so I was able to sit in any seat I wanted and move the still functioning controls. The interior was like they dropped off the last passengers and parked her at the nearby college...a time capsule from 2002. Apparently, the aircraft was used for an interior airplane scene for the film New in Town (2009). I could not thank Mr. Rowsome enough for the visit!

I also learnt (more recently) that in her career, Fin #712 had a brief storage stint in the desert (Mojave), was then brought back to passenger service, then ran off the runway due to bird strike but was repaired and kept going until retirement.

Finally, in March 2020, I inquired as to whether or not Fin #712 was still in one piece. Sadly, I learnt that in August 2018, she met her demise and was crushed for scrap. At least after being retired from the air, Fin #712 was able to provide students with an opportunity for hands-on mechanical experience for many years!

Andrew Crain

Editor's Note: Fin #712 was delivered to Air Canada in July 1967 and remained in service until October 2001. 

See: www.planespotters.net

Many thanks to Andrew for submitting his story and pictures.

Photograph with Fin # 711
tmb 550 711 2003

Fin # 712
 tmb 250 IMG 1195  tmb 250 IMG 1201
 tmb 250 IMG 1200  tmb 250 20180816 134430
  tmb 550 20200311 125757

you tube linkAndrew also provided a link to a YouTube video of his visit with Fin #712.