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Air Canada Recreation Association (ACRA)

It has been a challenge for the past few months to find a positive topic to write about.

Terry has been looking around Facebook lately and found a picture that reminded me of a very happy time not long before my retirement.

I was the treasurer for our local 'ACRA' chapter in Vancouver for the last 10 years of my career. On a beautiful day in July 2015, we had a picnic on the Spanish Banks beach on English Bay (photo in header and below).

I think that the acronym  'ACRA' may bring back fond memories for many of us.

An ACRA registration card was included within the paperwork provided to new employees when I started my career in 1980. The first event that I attended was an 'Octoberfest' party later that year and it was where I began to feel that I was a part of the 'Air Canada' family.

The company actively promoted and supported ACRA across the system and all events and activities were open to everyone. Management and union personnel got together in the spirit of companionship and it was a wonderful boost to morale. ACRA was part of the 'Awards and Recognition' group and was managed by volunteers for all departments. 

Unfortunately, support of ACRA by the company ended during the difficult years of the early 2000's. I have always thought that it was a mistake for the company to discontinue its involvement. 

ACRA continues today at a few of the larger stations with each managing their own groups.

Hopefully, they can keep the 'family' atmosphere thriving. 

Here are a few links to ACRA stations:

YUL Website

YYZ Website

YYC on Facebook

YVR on Facebook 

YVR ACRA Beach BBQ Spanish Banks July 2015.

Among the attendees are ACRA organizers Tiffany Smitz, Susan Lee and Sue Sitter.

Also attending were (in no particular order): Kellye McPhee, Bina Kapahi, Shannon Donoghue, Patrick Masse, Moira Connelly, Betty Shewchuk, Malindi Zitko, Melissa Wong Hance, Danny Pierson, Michiyo Sonoda and myself.

Can you spot me among the group? Click the image to find me.

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