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Mary Ellen Harrison (Wilson) has sent us this T.C.A. postcard from her scrapbook -

Celebrating Christmas 1957, we have this menu (below left) and a postcard (below right).

tmb 250 tca menu tmb 250 tca menu 1

Ken Starnes of Kelowna B.C., retired from Air Canada Warranty and Contracts, Dorval Base in June 1993, sent us these photos.

Hi, we did two RV trips and discovered these for our readers. Enjoy.

Most were found in far out places up North. Small communities had photos from the past. This was 10 years or so ago. Dawson City, Whitehorse and Watson Lake, visitors' centres and the like.

There were no copyright infringements posted or notices not to take a picture of a picture. We are not using them for commercial purposes.

Think our group would be interested in seeing this historical material. We are all aviation buffs.....it’s all positive.

CF-CPE Lockheed Lodestar.

Editors' note: c/n 2489 built 1943 allocated to CPAL by USAAF on July 5, 1943 as fin #263 photographed at an unknown location. Ken Pickford advises that the photo location is (now closed) Edmonton Municipal Airport (YXD). 

The aircraft was eventually sold to C.H. Babb Inc., Glendale, California on August 8, 1950.

tmb 550 cpa cf cpe

CF-BLV Barkley-Grow T8P-1.

Editors' note: c/n 3 built 1939, photographed at an unknown location. Acquired from Yukon Southern Air Transport by CPAL on December 22, 1943, as fin #212. Sold to H.R. Peets, Edmonton on November 29, 1949, eventually scrapped at Peace River, Alberta in 1960.

Additional note from Ken Pickford: This aircraft was named "Yukon Queen" while with Yukon Southern. It is now at the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton (on loan from the Hangar Flight Museum in Calgary which has another Barkley-Grow on floats).

CF-BLV crashed near Peace River, Alberta in 1960 while with a subsequent operator but was later resurrected and rebuilt for museum display (not airworthy).

Several photos here:

Interestingly, although only 11 Barkely-Grows were built, 3 still survive, all in Alberta museums. The first one built is at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, 70 km south of Edmonton.

tmb 550 cpa cf blv

CF-BTX Barkley-Grow T8P-1.

Editors' note: c/n 11 built 1940, photographed at an unknown location. Acquired from Mackenzie Air Service on December 2, 1943, as fin# 215. Damaged beyond repair at Lake Porcupine, Alberta due to engine failure at takeoff on October 19, 1945.

tmb 550 cpa cf btx

Famous DC-3 workhorse for Canadian Pacific now a gate guard at Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport.

Editor's note from Bob Sheppard: Erik Nielsen was the brother of actor Leslie Nielsen who appeared in the 'Airplane' movies.

tmb 550 cpa dc 3 gate guard

tmb 250 whitehorse flying schoolThis photo of the aircraft of the Whitehorse Flying School.

Two photos of the Whitehorse Hotel.
 tmb 250 whitehorse hotel 1  tmb 250 whitehorse hotel

tmb 250 cf aamCF-AAM a Fokker Super Universal aircraft.

Editors' note: The Fokker Super Universal was an airliner produced in the United States in the late 1920's.

An enlarged and improved version of the Fokker Universal, fitted with cantilever wings and an enclosed cockpit. It was subsequently also manufactured under license in Canada.

A restored Fokker Super Universal is at the Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The full story of CF-AAM is available at:

Below left is another aircraft being loaded with passengers. On the right, a group photo next to an aircraft.
 tmb 250 unknown aircraft  tmb 250 unknown aircraft 1

tmb yukon peopleAnd finally, a photo of two unidentified gentlemen standing in front of "Yukon King".

Editor's note from Ken Pickford:

The aircraft is a Barkley-Grow T8P-1 operated by CP predecessor Yukon Southern Air Transport. It was registered CF-BMG and named "Yukon King".  You can see part of the name on the fuselage.


Photo dated 1939 of that aircraft at Vancouver here:

Additional Info: Damaged beyond repair after overturning at its mooring in Port Alberni, B.C. February 1, 1947.

Source: Canadian Pacific Air Lines Its History and Aircraft by D. M. Bain.

Also see NetLetter #1362 for Wayne's Wings article about Yukon Southern Air Transport.

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