Mike Nash of Prince George, British Columbia sent in this query:

Check out the latest episode of ‘The History Guy,’ an informative and entertaining YouTube history channel with nearly a million subscribers.

Click the icon or the screen capture belowyou tube link to view this episode, about the history of The Fez, has a historic image of a group of Shriners deplaning from an old TCA aircraft at 11 minutes and 37 seconds:

Perhaps one of your readers might know where and when and what equipment type.

tmb 550 shriners

Editors' Notes:

Ken Pickford:

It's obviously a DC-3 but nothing to indicate where or when.

Bob Sheppard:

I remember when I was a kid living in Rexdale, (Etobicoke) Ontario, we had a Shriner stay with us for a short time. It was summer and I would be 8 years old in July. I see that the Shriners had a convention in Toronto in July, 1962.

I have no details as to who he was or why he came to stay with us. I do remember his crazy outfit and he was an older gentleman and very nice to us. Perhaps that could explain the photo. 

Click Here for a short YouTube video about the Shriners' 1962 convention in Toronto.