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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

From Don McMartin -

In NetLetter # 1454 you had another story on a TCA Viscount.

Thought you may be interested in this toy I found made in Japan in the 50's. It is a replica of TCA's first Viscount and is correct in all its decals and numbering.

Japan ended its tin toy production in the 50's but the industry was picked up in countries like Taiwan making Japanese toys very collectable today.

Some toys go for thousands of dollars.

Don McMartin

tmb 550 cf tgi 01

tmb cf tgi 02 tmb cf tgi 03

On February 23, 2021, a United Airlines Boeing 777 had an engine fire.

After reading about that episode, Allan Gray sent us this information -

Around 1993 before the B777 was assembled a group of Air Canada pilots from YVR went to Boeing and I was able to join them.

We went to the 777 simulator and took off. Just after rotation we had an engine fire. The AC pilot in the simulator wanted to do as he usually does, but he had to follow the instructions on the new flight management control unit and could only go to the next command after the first was completed. We landed safely.

The General Electric GE90 engines used on later B777 models were to be the first with over 100,000 pounds of thrust. Those on Air Canada's B777's have up to 115,000 pounds of thrust.

Allan Gray,  CSSA YVR
tmb 777 Cockpit tmb 777 simulator

Subscriber Donna Price sent in the photos below:

They are pictures of folks from Air Canada's Finance Branch in Winnipeg in what I would say was the 1960's. One photo appears to be of the management team at the time, and their wives.

One of the photos (top left) has the names printed on it. The names, in case you can't quite make them out, are Fred Barratt, Les Shackell (who was the Treasurer), Wayne Morrison, Wilf Jestadt, Neil Cameron, Gord Reid, one unknown, Stan Sawchuk, Wilf Agar and the last two I am not sure.

There is also a photo (top right) of Les Shackell and Gord Reid making a presentation to perhaps a member of the staff. And one of Gord Reid with two others. I wish I could help with more names.

These photos were given to me by B.J. Reid, the daughter of Gord Reid who had since passed away, as has Les Shackell.

Editors' Note: 

Ms. Price advises

"I worked at AC, Winnipeg Finance throughout the 70's and 80's. I then moved to AC's Airports as GM of the Prairie Airports (Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon and Thunder Bay), then GM of Toronto Airport and then Vice President, Airports for Air Canada.

I very much enjoyed my career at Air Canada. I am presently on the Board of the Winnipeg Airports Authority, as is B.J. Reid, which is how I received these photos."

Do these photo's tweak anyone's memory?

tmb ywg finance 1960s 01 tmb ywg finance 1960s 02
tmb ywg finance 1960s 03 tmb ywg finance 1960s 04