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Teenage pilot Zara Rutherford takes off on youngest round-world solo flight attempt.

As part of her circumnavigation, Zara departed her home town of Kortrijk in Belgium on Wednesday August 18, 2021 in the first stage of an epic three-month journey during which she will travel to 52 countries over the next 12 weeks.

The teenage pilot is hoping to carve a name for herself in the history books as the youngest woman to circumnavigate the planet flying solo.

Flying a tiny Shark Aero, the world’s lightest sports plane, Rutherford’s first flight was a short hop across the English Channel to the UK.

She'd originally planned to leave Belgium last week, but delayed the launch to install an improved camera system inside her plane to help her capture better quality footage as she flies around the globe.

Source: thenationalnews.com/travel

Also see www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal for the story and video of Zara's visit to Montreal. 

tmb 550 zara rutherford

Trans-Canada Air Lines uniforms over the years.

Brian Losito, Air Canada corporate photographer, sent us these photos several years ago.

They are uniforms from 1938 through 1968 and we thought you may like to reminisce over them. Here are the earlier photos, more in the next NetLetter.

Editors' Note: Some of the dates supplied may be incorrect, any comment would be appreciated.

The term 'stewardess' is used as it is applicable to the time period.

tmb first uniform 1940First stewardess uniform circa 1940.

tmb uniform 1938 1941Four stewardesses, with Lockheed 14H-2 show off the uniforms issued between 1938-1941.

tmb uniform 1941 1949Service with a smile in the North Star; uniform issued 1941-1949.

tmb eleven at ywg 1942A bevy of 11 stewardesses with a Lockheed 14H-2 at Winnipeg 1942.

tmb north star crew 1947North Star crew in 1947.

tmb uniform 1948 1953 first classDC-8 8 First Class service in the 'salon section', uniform from the early 1960's. 

tmb 1949 uniformSix stewardesses in 1949 Uniform on North Star 'Frobisher' fin #205 CF-TFE.

tmb seven stews unkown dateSeven stewardesses framed by a North Star, date unknown.