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The Transair ramp also included Canso CF-IEE. The historic type still was an essential freighter and passenger plane, chiefly for serving remote native reserves in northern Manitoba and NW Ontario.

This was 1961, so almost none of these destinations yet had a runway. Lakes and rivers, however, were plentiful for a Canso. "IEE" had begun as a US Navy PBY-5.

Transair imported it in 1953. After many years, it was sold to Austin Airways. While at Sugluk far up Hudson Bay’s east coast one day in 1970, there was an unexpected storm and "IEE" sank and was never recovered.

tmb 550 cf iee transair canso

tmb an 74 tk 200Russia’s Antonov is hoping to reach an agreement with Canadian authorities on development of a extensively-modernised version of the An-74TK-200 airlifter for North American and other international markets. 

Source: www.flightglobal.com

The Halifax Project

An interesting story about the recovery of a Halifax bomber which crashed into the Baltic sea off Sweden during WWII.

Source: calgary.ctvnews.ca

tmb 550 halifax bomber