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Continuing excerpts from Larry Milberry's blog @ canavbooks.wordpress.com

Malton's classiest DC-6's were the Canadian Pacific Air Lines (CPA) 'Empresses'. These were almost daily visitors at Malton (YYZ) into 1961, although CPA's 'Britannias' were taking over. Seen on November 28, 1959 is CF-CZV, 'Empress of Suva'.

These long-range beauties ranged far and wide on CPA's routes from Vancouver to Hawaii, Fiji and New Zealand, down to Chile and across to Amsterdam so they wouldn't step on Trans-Canada Air Lines' (TCA) toes back in those deeply regulated Canadian airline days.

Delivered new in August 1957, "CZV' served CPA into late 1961, when it was sold in Sweden. Many global operators followed (Greenland Air included), with the old classic eventually ending in 1998 with the South African Airways Historical Society. In 2010 it was made airworthy for a final flight to a private dirt strip in the Republic of South Africa.

Editors' Note: DC-6B CF-CZV c/n 45329 delivered to CPA August 15, 1957 fin # 444 sold to Trans Air, Sweden November 9, 1961 registered SE-BDG.

Source: CPA History by D.M. Bain

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The life of two Nordair Super Constellations - CF-NAL and CF-NAM.

  • Delivered to National Airlines October 1957 as N7133C and N7134C.
  • Stored at Miami, FL from mid-1963 until sold to International Aviation Company, N7133C on December 10, 1964 and N7134C on December 18, 1964.
  • N7133C delivered to Nordair December 11, 1964 as CF-NAL, and N7134C as CF-NAM on December 21, 1964 and ferried to Montreal where used as a source of spares in ex-National colour scheme and later restored and entered service with Nordair spring 1966.
  • CF-NAL was leased to Eastern Provincial Airways late 1968 for a brief period.
  • Both to 'Canairelief'  on April 24, 1969, CF-NAM was ferried to Sao Tome June 2, 1969, while CF-NAL went on July 30, 1969, for use on the Biafran Airlift.
  • Stored at Sao Tome for sale from January 1970, but the sale to a Canadian freight charter company fell through in 1974.
  • Canadian registrations were cancelled in February 1980.
  • Both aircraft were abandoned at Sao Tome in derelict condition. Plans were underway in July 2007 to declare both aircraft as national monuments to commemorate the humanitarian airlift based out of Sao Tome during the Biafran conflict.
  • The aircraft forms the centerpiece of an airport restaurant, the aircraft are under cover and incorporated into the Asas D'Avião Restaurante Santola in 2018

Source: conniesurvivors.com/CF-NAL.htm)

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Former Nordair Super Connies Soldier On as Restaurant Centerpieces in São Tomé – March 4, 2020.

On November 22, 2018, contrary to previous reports, former Nordair Super Connies CF-NAL and CF-NAM had not been scrapped in São Tomé Airport and were part of the Asas D'Avião Restaurante Santola located at the airport.

Riku Helppi visited São Tomé on January 31st and February 6, 2020 and photographed both aircraft, confirming their continued existence.

While the exteriors of both aircraft are in desperate need of some TLC, the restaurant appears to be open for business.

Source: conniesurvivors.com/CF-NAM.htm

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Posted by Angela Onuora on the Nordair Facebook page on March 25, 2021.

Morning everyone! Has anyone ever heard of or seen a DC-4 aircraft fitted with bomb racks?

In Captain Jack Patterson's unpublished memoir/recollection of the Biafran Airlift, he mentions a mercenary pilot who tormented the relief pilots. This mercenary flew a DC-4 fitted with bomb racks. 

In the image below, Captain Pat Patterson leans out the cockpit window of a 'Canairelief' Super Constellation on Säo Tome. The occasion was the first relief flight into Biafra, January 23, 1969.

The aircraft, CF-NAJ, was previously owned by Nordair.

Via J.S. Patterson.

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