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Hi there,

My name is Roger Kovalyk. In the late 50's early 60's we had a Rock & Roll band called 'The Velmars' and joined the TCA Roadshow.

We played veterans hospitals, Blackwatches, Air Force bases etc. One of the musicians, Donald Bilney,  worked for Trans-Canada Air Lines. I'm wondering if someone would still have records of this era, pictures, films, posters or any kind of written document. Anything you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Roger Kovalyk

Editors' Note: This item rang a bell with us so we did a quick search and found that we had a request in February 2020 from Roger Cyr that actually mentions Roger.

Posted in NetLetter #1432, February 22, 2020.

"Subscriber Roger Cyr has asked us to track down information regarding a band names 'The Velmars' who played at TCA road shows from 1959 to 1960. He recalls that the lead guitarist was named Roger Kovalyk.

Does anyone have any memories to share on this topic?"

The NetLetter team has been checking through issues of 'Between Ourselves' from that era for possible mentions of 'The Velmars' without any luck as yet. 

Further to the video in Netletter #1476, I flew the C-46S (CF-CZN) featured on the video with Captain Jim Tomlinson from June 15 until July 8, 1966 out of Stewart, B.C. into northern B.C.

On one occasion we were delivering a generator into one of the camps and, while off-loading, one of the lifting rings broke. Fortunately, the generator landed clear of the aircraft but was damaged during the fall. The camp foreman wasn’t a happy camper because the camp was looking forward to having a generator to power the camp.

After that contract we left Stewart, B.C. and went on to Rainbow Lake in northwest Alberta with CF-CZN on a month-long diesel fuel contract. We also experienced 3 engine failures on that contract which kept our engineer busy changing pots (cylinders).

We even took CF-CZN up to Mackenzie King Island one of the Queen Elizabeth Islands in northern Canada to bring out a load of dynamite left behind by a French oil drilling crew. PWA freighters went everywhere and carried everything. 

I met up with Jim again on the Nassau, Bahamas airport ramp when I was an Air Canada B-727 First Officer and he was a PWA B-737 Captain. He was doing his walk around and so was I so we spent a few good minutes catching up. I remember that day well. 

I have enclosed a picture taken by our engineer on the flight deck of CF-CZN during our diesel fuel contract. 

Take care now, 

K.M. Jones, AC Capt. Retired A340


Left to right: Captain Jim Tomlinson and First Officer K.M. Jones.

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