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Sigrun Cowan sent in -

I would like to add a picture of the Air Canada Silver Broom tournament mentioned in NetLetter #1482.

I was fortunate to be the official Air Canada Flight Attendant presenter of the trophy ? 1985 in Glasgow. It is a part of our Air Canada history.

Sigrun Cowan,
Retired Flight Attendant, YVR

Editors' Note: Look for more stories about the Silver Broom in our next edition.

tmb 550 sigrun cowan

Dave Edward sent us this memory -

It was great to see the post from Mike Horan in the latest NetLetter #1482.

Mike was station Manager in Shannon Airport (SNN) while twelve of us, furloughed pilots '61 to '65, flew with Aer Lingus based in Dublin.

Mike used to go out of his way to accommodate any of us when we attempted to plus home for a visit. When the recall came in '65, he was inundated with boxes and trunks and tea chests (in my case) of goods and chattels to be shipped home to Canada.

I never had a chance to properly thank him for the way he looked after all of us.

Thank You, Mike. "Cead Mile Failte".

As an aside, my dad, Captain Gath Edward, used to comment on the efficiency of EINN... (SNN) due to Mike's hard work.

Dave Edward

Submitted by Ian Buchanan -

Regarding Roger Kovalyk’s reference to the TCA Roadshow in NetLetter #1482. I was part of that with a folk group for a couple of years. The Rock Band then was excellent. The leader was “Bev” and he, with Bob Keeping, did all the technical production.

There was a magician and a chorus line and the whole thing was quite professional. I think it was funded by the early recreation group. The funding ended after a disastrous show at a hospital in Montreal when a major snow storm prevented many of the cast and crew getting there.

We should have cancelled the show and what we did was very disjointed. We had some great times entertaining the armed forces and at hospitals and there were some great stories. Not everyone worked for the company but I think someone in the Rock Band did.

I still get a smile on my face when I think about The Maple Leaf Revue.

Ian Buchanan

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