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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

The Boeing 747 afterlife!

Another Queen of the Skies converted into a tourism site is Dive Bahrain's sunken B- 747 to attract diving enthusiasts.

The jet, which spent most of its life with Malaysia Airlines, was submerged off Bahrain's coast in 2019 by Falcon Aircraft Recycling.

The plane is part of Dive Bahrain's "underwater theme park" that will house the jet, boats, and several other structures when it is complete.

See divebahrain.com

Chinese air taxi.

tmb china air taxiThe two-seat EH216-S is powered by eight electric motors driving vertical rotors. It is designed for the tourism and autonomous air taxi market.

In January, EHang announced that AirX, a Japan-based air mobility digital platform company, placed a pre-order for 50 EH216-S aircraft, terms not disclosed.

EHang said at the time, “The pre-order of the EH216 AAVs are planned to facilitate various Urban Air Mobility (UAM) projects in Japan and may provide ‘air taxi’ services for the 2025 World Expo in Osaka, Kansai, Japan.” 

Source: AVWeb.com

Vacant Atlantic City airport could become car lovers' dream.

The airplane made Atlantic City's Bader Field famous, but it could be the automobile that resurrects it.

Bader Field, which closed in September 2006 after 96 years of aviation use, gave the world the term “airport” when a local reporter used the word in a 1919 article.

In 1910, it was the scene of the first attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean by air, 17 years before Charles Lindbergh would succeed.

Walter Wellman lifted off in the dirigible 'America' only to ditch it off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, when a storm hit shortly afterward.

Additional info:



Found in the 'Horizons' magazine issued April 2002.

Military Alphabet - ICAO code

The next time you are using the Speech Recognition site for travel, or simply spelling a name over the phone, there is an internationally recognized code name for each letter of the alphabet.

Many airline employees know this code by heart, but others may not. It is officially called the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) code. The code is also known as the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, or Military Alphabet because it was first used by the U.S. military.

The ICAO code has also been adopted by police, fire, and ambulance departments around the world. So if your name is Charlie, Juliet, Mike, Oscar, Romeo, or Victor, you hold a special place in the airline world!

A - Alpha, B - Bravo, C - Charlie, D - Delta, E - Echo, F - Foxtrot, G - Golf, H - Hotel, I - India, J - Juliet, K - Kilo, L - Lima, M - Mike, N - November, O - Oscar, P - Papa, Q - Quebec, R - Romeo, S - Sierra, T - Tango, U - Uniform, V - Victor, W - Whiskey, X - X-ray, Y - Yankee, Z - Zulu.