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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

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Submitted by Diane Kleiman Bellamy of Elgin, Illinois

You 'Netletter' guys continue to amaze us with the talent, tenacity and commitment to your subscribers. We enjoy The NetLetter immensely. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

With the passing of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II, I looked through my work archives for something to commemorate her only visit to Chicago in 1959. Unfortunately,  I did not find anything.

However, I did find the attached picture below from 1946 celebrating TCA's inaugural service to Chicago at Midway Field on July 1, 1946.

The caption says that the champagne is being handled by American actress Jane Powell. There's no record of the identity of the prominent looking lady holding the bouquet.

tmb 550 Chicago 1946

Editors' Note: In an effort to be deserving of Ms. Bellamy's kind compliments, we went digging through past issues of 'Between Ourselves' to see if we could identify the rest of the representatives pictured.

We were not successful, however, we did find a full article and several more photos from the issue dated Midsummer 1964.

Pictured below are the eight 'stewardesses' assigned to the Chicago service, left to right:  

Victoria Stewart, Margaret Crockett, Val Day, Rita Wiggins, Phyllis Harding (supervisor), Lillian Houseman, Alberta Huck, Dorothy Rogers and Anita Germain

pdf download50x47Click the icon at left to view the full extract from 'Between Ourselves'.

tmb 550 Chicago cabin personnel