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In NetLetter #1494, Diane Kleiman Bellamy submitted an article regarding the inaugural flight to Chicago, together with a photo of Jane Powell initiating the event.

Diane mentioned that there was no indication of the lady who appeared to be receiving the brunt of the champagne.

However, the NetLetter gang read through some old “Between Ourselves” company magazines and found the article and photo, and the identity was Jane Powell's mother.

Below the photo is a list of those 'sprayed'.

tmb 550 champane spray

Extracted from the 'Between Ourselves' issued Mid-summer 1948.

Everybody got christened, including the aircraft, when movie star Jane Powell cracked the champagne bottle to inaugurate North Star service to Chicago.

Taking the spray are, left to right: Edmond Tureotte, Consul General for Canada; Oscar Hewitt, Commissioner of Public Works, Chicago; Arthur H. Marlow, British Consul General; Benjamin Adamowski, Corporation Counsel, City of Chicago; Leverett S. Lyon, Chief Executive Officer Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry; John A. Casey, Superintendent Chicago Municipal Airport; Harry J. Cooper, TCA District Traffic and Sales Manager.

Mrs. Powell, mother of Jane Powell, is in the foreground, centred in the deluge.

Pierre Gillard of the Quebec Aerospace Museum tells us that their recently acquired 1958 CAE "Twin Engine" Flight Simulator is currently at CAE's as part of their 75th anniversary commemoration, but it should soon be moved to downtown Montreal where it will be displayed fully functional! 

This was used by numerous RCAF transport pilots for procedure training. A lot of them were later hired by airlines. Probably some of your readers flew that simulator!

Editors' Note: If any of our readers flew this simulator, perhaps you might care to share their experience.

More from Pierre Gillard below.

tmb 250 simulator 1 tmb 250 simulator