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Submitted by John Rodger -

Hi Guys,

This was an honour that my good friend Ken Acton (on the right below) received from the town of L'Ile Bizard. Thought it would be great to put in one of the Netletters.


Ken Acton

An honour for one of our own. Ken Acton worked at Air Canada in many positions in the Maintenance Department. Upon retirement in 1993 he joined the Pionairs.

Ken has lived in L’Ile Bizard, Québec for many years and has always volunteered to help others.

Besides starting up minor football on L’Ile Bizard he made sure kids got a chance to play hockey, especially those who could not afford to play indoor. He took it upon himself to start outdoor hockey for those kids in 1987.

Some kids that could go inside also liked to play outside. One of those was none other than Vincent Lecavalier who had a superstar career with Tampa Bay Lightning. Ken had to make up special rules for guys like Vincent so all the kids had a chance to play and improve their hockey skills.

Vincent never forgot where he came from. He called Ken and asked if he could come to see the kids. He showed up with dozens of official Tampa Bay sweaters (his #4) for all the kids that played outside.

In 2022 Ken was honoured by the city of L’Ile Bizard by naming an outdoor rink in his name 'La Patinoire du Coach Ken'. 

Over the years Ken had lots of volunteers assist him, one being my son David and since 2005 Eric Charest (seen in the photo wearing one of the sweaters that Vincent Lecavalier gave out).

Ken is a writer doing articles for motorcycle magazines under the pen name 'Thunder'. While working at AC he also did a newsletter for the maintenance department.

He also volunteers for NOVA West Island, who raise money for the unmet needs of communities through the development and delivery of professional, innovative health services.

At NOVA West Island, experienced, caring, and dedicated professional staff and volunteers work together to improve the quality of life for vulnerable adults, youth and families. 

Ralph Quick received this photo from his son of a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) issued for Mumbai.

Highlighted is the statement – 
"DAILY 0220-1000

Hence this comment by Ralph -
"What do you think, Indoor - Outdoor or maybe Shag?"

tmb mumbai notam r1