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NetLetter #1364 | April 08, 2017
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BAC 111

Quebecair BAC 111

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the NetLetter, an Aviation based newsletter for Air Canada, TCA, CPAir, Canadian Airlines and all other Canadian based airlines that once graced the Canadian skies.

The NetLetter was created in 1995 by Vesta Stevenson (RIP) and Terry Baker and is published on the second and fourth weekend of each month. If you are interested in Canadian Aviation History, and vintage aviation photos, especially as it relates to Trans-Canada Air Lines, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines International and their constituent airlines, then we're sure you'll enjoy this newsletter. Our website is located at


Coming Events

tmb vic 50thlogoThe Vancouver Interline Club celebrates their 50th anniversary.

A celebration will take place on May 5th, 2017, 17:00 - 22:30 Richmond Curling Club, 5540 Hollybridge Way, Richmond, BC. More info at


Women in Aviation

tmb iwd2017 yyz 2Here are a few of the images posted at the Air Canada Pictorial Gallery in recognition of the International Women’s Day on March 8,  2017.

Unfortunately, there were no names provided.

Click Here (and then the 'Photo Gallery' tab) to view the full gallery and a few short videos.

tmb iwd2017 yul 1 tmb iwd2017 yul 3
tmb iwd2017 yvr 1 tmb iwd2017 yvr 2
tmb iwd2017 yyz 3 tmb iwd2017 yyz 8

AC News

Air Canada News

Air Canada has announced the return of its year-round service from Montreal to Washington-Dulles from June 19, 2017. The daily nonstop Air Canada Express service will be operated with 50-seat Bombardier CRJ100 aircraft.

Additionally, Air Canada said it would introduce a daily summer seasonal service between Vancouver and Boston from June 23 - September 4, 2017. The service will use a 120-seat Airbus A319, configured with business and economy class.

AEROMÉXICO CONNECT leased third ex-Air Canada E190 (043) from Nordic Aviation Capital; a fourth is expected.
(Source SpeedNews March 17, 2017)

Readers Photos

Reader Submitted Photos

From the web site of Gerard McCarthy.

On May 19, 2011, Gerard McCarthy took these photos during a visit to the North Atlantic Aviation Museum - Gander. Eastern Provincial Airways decided to stretch CF-GHX.

tmb epa front tmb epa back


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

1971 - April 1st - Inaugural B747 service YYZ - YVR.
1980 - November 1st - Lease of an L1011 to Air Lanka, a second L1011 was leased April 1981.

Found in the “Between Ourselves” magazine issue November 1946.

Another T.C.A.R.A.

The Lethbridge unit of Trans-Canada Air Lines Recreational Association is just getting steam. The plan is, as in all cases, to get everyone together as one happy family. We believe that we are that now, but we want to have fun together,on a grand scale.

The Executive chosen include John Robulak, President; Allan Lewis, V.P; Alice Groves, Treasurer and Jean Nelson Secretary.

The Executive Council is as follows: Stan Clarke, Publicity; John Deak, Promotion and Sales; Ory Knight, Chairman of Sporting Activities; Bob Cuthill, Chairman of Outdoor Recreational Activities; Betty Pelletier, Chairman of Dance Committee; Jack Simpson, Chairman of Transportation Committee; and Doug Hilton, Auditor.

With such a live-wire group at the controls, we feel that we shall have a fine organization on our hands. You will hear more of our functions when we get out of this embryonic state and get cooking.

(Sorry no photo available, and no chapter on the ACRA web site. Anyone know if the Lethbridge (TCARA/ACRA) still operates - eds)

Preparations are well underway for the Fall and Winter activities for our local Moncton T.C.A.R.A. Club.

During the last few weeks an election by ballot was held and brought forth a new slate of officers. The following have been elected fo the ensuing term: Rod Grant, President; Gordie Barbour, V.P. Bill Weldon, Secretary and Sam Leonard, Treasurer.

(Sorry no photo available, and no chapter on the ACRA web site. Anyone know if the Moncton (TCARA/ACRA) still operates - eds)

Dragged out of the "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated May 1981.

tmb lax slow pitchThe Los Angeles co-ed softball team was surprised at the response to their invitation to Canadian stations to take part in a slow pitch tournament. Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto took part. The LAX employees provided a real Californian welcome throwing a party on the Friday evening before the tournament.

Calgary walked off with the trophy, but LAX were happy with their one win, the first victory in two years. Christine Monette said their motto was "have bat - will travel".

In this photo we have, back row from left: Barbara Singley, Bob Fuhrmah, Mike Pryce, Joe Tidwell, Daniel Armand, Bruce Scott and Mark Eiduson.

Second row from the left: Stuart Parnes (umpire), Gary Lambert, Mike (mad dog) Despelteau, Faye Neyva, Kristin Cooley and Heinz von Schuler.

Kneeling from the left: Mark Monette, Christine Monette, Debbie Quarton, Susie Campeau and Dollie Tidwell

Halifax celebrates its 40th anniversary.

tmb yhz 40thThe event celebrates the 40th anniversary of service into Halifax on April 16th, 1941 when Walt Fowler,  piloting a twin-engine 10-passenger Lockheed Electra from Montreal, landed at Eastern Passage RCAF base at Dartmouth to "Weld the final link in the Trans-Canada chain" as one headline of the day put it.

The biggest cake served at the evening reception before 100 civic and media guests, honouring the first six Halifax employees.

District Manager Charlie Stock introduced Stewart Sime, Paul Emmerson, Alice Croft, Gordon Inglis and Gordon Barber. The sixth employee, Brian James, was unable to attend.

In our photo, five of the original employees present commemorative coin sets to special guests at the reception.

From the left: Paul Emmerson, Steve Sime, Gord Barber, Alice Croft, Gordon Inglis, Halifax Mayor Ron Wallace, Dartmouth Mayor Dan Brownlow, Halifax Country Warden Elizabeth Lawrence, Tourism Minister Bruce Cochran and Shearwater Base Commander Ian Patrick.

tmb yhz 40th crewIn this photo the Lockheed Electra which inaugurated the extended TCA service from Moncton to Halifax had this crew.

From the left: Ted Stull, Maintenance Engineer; Captain Walter Fowler; Captain Roger Smith; Halifax Station Manager Wally Rowan; Gordon Inglis, Radio Operator. In the background is Stewardess Georgie Ingram.

Issue June 1981.

The distinction of being the first foreign flag carrier to fly into New York's LaGuardia airport belongs to Trans-Canada Air Lines when a 14-seat Lockheed Lodestar arrived from Toronto to commence the service between Toronto - New York on May 10th, 1941.

Pionair National Executive for 1979/80.

tmb pionair exec 1980From the left: John McFarland, Treasurer; Mary Brown, Second V.P.; Joe Lorimer, President; Avon Lorimer, Secretary; Martin Betts, Past President; Frank Millman, First V.P.

Pionair National Executive for 1981/82

tmb pionair exec 1981From the left: Donald Murphy, Secretary; Hudson Connolly, Treasurer; Austin Cardy, Second V.P.; George Fox, President; Bill Spratt, first V.P; Joe Lorimer, Past President;.

tmb pionair chorus lineDuring the 1981 Pionairs National AGM held at the Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, California, a group of attending flight attendants from the TCA Maple Wings provided some of the entertainment with a chorus line performing a skit to the music provided by Jean Trory.

The group welcomed everyone aboard a 1981 flight to memory lane with a rollicking rendition of their very own "Flying high in days gone by" and "Hey, look us over". We wonder if any of them remember this?

In this photo from the left: Christine Scott-Randall, at the podium; Elizabeth Armitage, Gloria Dillon, Marilyn Bartman, Velma Hughes, Marilyn Mackay, Edna George-Clayton, Cherry Woodworth-Vassal, Shirley Baine, Dell Finlay, Barbara Bolton-Cooper, and Ruth Leslie-Heenan.

Alan's Space

Alan's Space

Alan RustBLUE ANGELS - Insane Footage Takes You Inside the Cockpit

(Submitted by: David Bellamy)

I thought you might take a safe ride with the Blue Angels over the southern end of Lake Washington and Renton airport in Washington state.  The pilot is chewing gum and has some funny facial expressions!  Footage courtesy of the U.S. Navy & the Blue Angels
Ever wonder what "Pure Awesome" looks like?  Wonder No More.  This may be one of the best, for sure go full screen....

This footage is of the "slot man" in the Diamond formation which tends to be the toughest flying position due to wingtip vortices, etc. When he "smiles", he is pulling some serious positive/negative "G" forces. WOW, what a ride! Notice the rest of the formation in the Pilot's reflective goggles!


blue angles500x266


CPAir, Canadi>n People Gallery

CPAir/Canadian People Galler

1981 - Pacific Western Airlines new routes

April 26 - Start up services between Edmonton - Whitehorse, Edmonton - Vancouver.
June 1st – Start up service between Kelowna - Victoria, Calgary - Vancouver, Calgary - Brandon -Toronto.

Gleaned from the "PWA Flightlines" magazine issue dated January 1987.

tmb pwa social clubPWA resumed service between Vancouver to Whitehorse via Prince George effective June 15th, 1986, and service to Ottawa on June 16th, 1986. January 13th, 1987, PWA purchased 25% interest in a new joint venture company called GPA Airbus 320 Limited.

The PWA YVR Social Club in the 1986 Air BC Food Bank challenge. Many PWA employees donated both food and monies. Between the two airlines they purchased 800 lbs of veggies and 200 loaves of bread.

Pictured in this photo from the left are: Sal Gill, Andrew Sam, Phil Coan, Dilys Ellison, (Social Club President); Georgina Gunn, Mary Hove, Pat Cooper, Olive Pybus and Joanne Dodds.

tmb pwa inuvik annual ballOn December 5th, 1986, Inuvik was the site for the 10th Annual Ball, hosted by PWA and held for the aviation community at the Paul Kane arena. Over 250 attended. We have this photo of the organizers.

From the left: Bruce Barr, Rebecca Jones, Trish Wylie, John Gilpin, Dale Vance (C.S.M), and, in front, Kirk Stephen and Sherri Harding

tmb pwa sheet metal shopPWA aircraft fin 772 was sold to Aloha Air in Hawaii. Prior to its release to Aloha Air on January 15th, 1987, some of the belly skin had to be replaced. Here we have four of the guys, who were part of the team involved in the work. 

From the left in the photo: Doug Campbell, Tim Todd, Brian Schroeder and Joe Chee all from the sheet metal shop.

tmb pwa sheet metal shop 1Here are the rest of the sheet metal crew from the YYC hangar.

From the left: Nga Nguyen, Tim Cooper, Jim Brown, Martin Boyce, Walter Vescarelli, Helge Kiruse, A.A. Mohamed, Tin-Yum Yip, Kelly Alliston, Steve Smith, and Peter Paulus.


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articlesBritish Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven

The early 1960’s was an exciting period in history with the world now officially in the jet age and the space programs of the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. making giant leaps forward.

Airlines around the world realized the need to replace short range aircraft such as the very successful turboprop-powered Vickers Viscount with jet airliners.

It was in this environment that newly formed British Aircraft Corporation decided to redesign an aircraft originaly conceived by Hunting Aircraft to develop the BAC 111 (One-Eleven) into a short range 80 seat jet that could be marketed to airlines outside of the United Kingdom.

British United Airways was the first airline to place an order for the One-Eleven with Braniff International Airways becoming the first U.S. carrier to place an order on Octobe2 20, 1961. Orders soon followed from Kuwait Airways, Central African Airways and Aer Lingus.

Strong ordering from U.S. airlines prompted the U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board to step in and block orders from Bonanza Air Lines, Frontier Airlines and Ozark Air Lines due to the development of the Douglas DC-9 which was still a year away. The U.S. government claimed the right to block foreign sales where an American built product was available. BAC had projected sales of the aircraft to reach over 400, however, lists only 246 airframes built.

The only Canadian carrier to fly this aircraft was Quebecair from the late 1960’s to the mid 1980’s. Seven aircraft are listed at as registered to the Montreal based airline but some were on short term leases and none of them were originally ordered by Quebecair.  tmb bac111

CF-QBN (pictured) was acquired in April 1969 and remained in the Quebecair fleet until March 1984. It last flew for Okada Airlines of Nigeria and shows stored at Benin City since 2005, however, probably in derelict condition. Thankfully, an aircraft from the British Airways fleet has been well preserved at the National Museum of Flight in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Click Here for the YouTube video.

Here are some memories from Terry on the BAC111.

These guys were the noisiest aircraft, we used to live under one of the flight paths at Dorval and, Man O Man, what ear shattering decibels.

While I worked at LHR, I recall the BAC111 was in contention against the DC-9 and Caravelle for AC, but never materialized. However I distinctly recall that the prototype was on a test flight and stalled, falling to the ground, I think there were fatalities but not sure, a rather hazy memory.
Thanks, Terry.

The incident Terry is referring to is detailed on the BAC111 Wikipedia page. BAC investigated the incident and corrected the design flaw.

Reader's Feedback

Reader's Feedback

Maxine Bellm sends us this information -

The code just posted (NetLetter nr 1363) for Park 'N Fly does not work (31737). Maybe there is a digit missing as the previous code had six (161892) digits. We used this so often in Montreal so it is important to get it as Park 'N Fly do not give it out.

Thank You, Maxine Bellm.

We, at the NetLetter, reviewed the source of our information and find an update effective March 9th, 2017. For the latest information refer to the acaeronet web site.

Bob Johnson has sent us this information for the photo in NetLetter nr 1362 -

1950 Ottawa Photo, last row 4th from left Jack Singer, Second last row from left, Mike Kennedy, Johnny Boisvert, Bert Wilson. Seated second from right is Ken Taman.

Rgds Bob Johnson

Denise Soulodre points out this error in NetLetter nr 1362 -

The photo is of the Pionairs Board of Directors for 1981 at the Skyline Hotel in Toronto. The third person from the left is Beth (not Bob) Ferguson from Winnipeg; she served for many years and did a great job for us all.

Thank you, Denise Soulodre
(Apologies to Beth for this typo – eds)

Norman Hogwood send this information -

I noted the reference to the Brooklands museum in NetLetter 1362.  Brings back a lot of memories! I’m sure I have mentioned this before but there is an excellent video of the last landing of a Vanguard when there were only a few hundred metres of runway available. Click Here to view the YouTube video. 

(Note: Norman used to work for Vickers at Brooklands during the 60's - eds)

Gretchen (Marsh) Dawson sends us this information on the eve of the 37th anniversary of the Canadian Maple Wings Association -

Former flight attendant Gretchen Marsh was inspired to found Maple Wings in 1973 when a small get-together intended for 30 flight attendants turns into a luncheon for 300, complete with door prizes and a fashion show.

By 1986, the Canadian Maple Wings Association boasts 800 members and dozens of chapters across the country. The group organizes social activities throughout the year and raises money for charitable organizations. I am quite excited about getting Air Canada Pionairs to remember and know (today) who Canadian Maple Wings Association is! Our history with Air Canada from back in 1979/80 and being under the Pionairs "umbrella" as a "Special Employee Group", was sadly lost over the years of changes in Presidents, CEO's, Upper Management etc... and here we are approaching Canadian Maple Wings Association's 37th Anniversary on May 7th's AGM in the Toronto area, on Air Canada's about to be 80th Birthday, and Pionairs' 40th Anniversary!!

I only got to meet Mr. Val Jurkovic a couple of years ago, and he'd never heard of us! Gretchen did receive this confirmation from Val Jurkovic President / Président Air Canada Pionairs.

You have been nominated to receive this honour because we felt that you, specifically, deserved to be recognized for all your efforts in reuniting former stewardesses scattered across Canada by creating the Canadian Maple Wings Association which is now made up of approximately 600 retired and active flight attendants of TCA and Air Canada. It will be an honour for me to present you this certificate in Vancouver on April 30th.

Gretchen says that she realizes this Honor is strictly being given to me, and I am very humbled, and extremely grateful for this recognition from Air Canada Pionairs. I'll be looking for some familiar faces when I am at the 40th Air Canada Pionairs AGM, April 30th.

Gretchen (Marsh) Dawson

Ken Murphy responded to Wayne's Wings request in NL # 1363 concerning Registration CF-BTB service with the RCAF and MCA.

Registration issued to RCAF in 1940, for importation of civil aircraft.  Applied to 247D, ex NC13347, bought from Pennsylvania Central Airlines Corp.  Became RCAF 7839 (which see) on 10 October 1940.  Retained CF-BTB registration when it was sold to Maritime Central Airways of Charlottetown, PEI, registered to them on 24 December 1941.  Exported in March 1945, became N13347, registered to H.G. Chatterton of Dayton, Ohio.

Was on US register as NC13347 from 1933 as a Model 247, delivered new to Pacific Air Transport which merged into United Airlines in 1934.  Converted to Model 247D in 1935.

To Pennsylvania Central Airlines in 1937.  Purchased second hand, at a reported cost of $32,500.  Temporary registration CF-BTD assigned for ferry flight to Canada.  Taken on strength at No. 6 Repair Depot at RCAF Station Trenton, Ontario.  

To No. 4 Training Command on 15 October 1940.

To Eastern Air Command on 24 April 1941, for use by the EAC Communications Flight.  Loaned to Maritime Central Airways of PEI on 10 November 1941 for "approximately two months", registered as CF-BTB.  Reported with No. 121 (K) Squadron at RCAF Station Dartmouth, NS, which was formed by merging the Comm Flight and other units on 10 January 1942.  Free issue to Department of Transport authorized on 2 April 1942, apparently still as CF-BTB.  

Sold to H.G. Chatterton of Dayton, Ohio in March 1945, registered as N13347.  With Columbia Airlines in December 1945, when it was reported with 16,211 logged hours.  Later to Costa Rican register as TI-1011, with Aerovias Occidentales from 1951.  Damaged in a landing accident on 3 January 1952, grounded until 1954.  Back to US register as N3977C, registered to J. Bristow of Miami, Florida in March 1954, ferried to Florida in December 1954.  Used as a crop duster and cloud seeder aircraft till 1961 by various operators, then derelict at Taft Airport in California till 1966.

To Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation on 26 February 1966 for restoration, registered as N13347.  Restored to United Airlines markings and NC13347 registration by Museum of Flight in Seattle from 1981, regularly touring air show circuit in the US by 2001, 68 years after it first flew.


Canadian Military Aircraft Civil registered, owned or leased by the military World War 2 Detailed List
Canadian Military Aircraft Serial Numbers see s/n 7839

We wish to thank Mr. Murphy for his info - Eds

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Alpha Foxtrot's final Filton waltz.

tmb concorde new homeThe last Concorde built, and last to fly - British Airways' Alpha Foxtrot also known as 216 – has made her journey to the new Aerospace Bristol museum due to open near her Filton birthplace this summer.

It was a short trip across the Filton runway, but a delicate operation, for the team from BA and Airbus - not only was it her first outing in more than 13 years, but the old girl tucks into her new home with just a metre to spare between each wingtip and the walls.

Alpha Foxtrot made her maiden flight on 20 April 1979 and touched down at Filton for the final time on 26 November 2003. Since then she has stood alongside the runway and remains in "remarkable condition" according to those who look after her. 

(source Flight International February 2107)

Controversial budget carrier Norwegian Air will launch transatlantic service with its new Boeing 737MAX aircraft this summer with promotional one-way fares as low as $65.00 from secondary airports in the U.S. Northeast to airports in Ireland and Scotland.

(source AVwebFlash Feb 24/17)



Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry Baker

In view of the recently reported denied boarding by United Airlines of some of their staff wearing inappropriate dress not in accordance with their dress code policy, now may be the time to review the Air Canada dress code for pass travelers.

Travelling with Passes - Dress Code Policy Air Canada's dress code is designed to respect and reflect our brand image, while allowing our employees the flexibility to travel comfortably.
The dress code applies to any person traveling under the Air Canada travel privilege programs. Check the complete information on ETS under News & Policies.

For some R & R, Terry of our NetLetter gang, had a visit to Honolulu. Two years since we were there. The progress through the YVR security for visiting the US is still challenging, especially as it was different from our last visit. After going through the security bit, same as usual, keep calm and be patient.

Then on to the next phase which is a bank of individual machines which have the instructions on the screen. Place the photo and detail page of your passport, face down into the slot, left hand side. Then you are invited to stare into the screen for a photo op. This is like taking a selfie.

You may have to move yourself to make sure the profile is central - more or less - then take your photo which will be printed and be available from a slot. This document is to be presented to the immigration officer, when you finally get to present yourself. The person ahead of us had a nice photo of the lower jaw and throat. Two young Asian ladies were giggling so much, we doubt that their photo would ever match their passport.

The flight in economy was not very memorable, mainly because the dictionary does not have words to describe the experience. No doubt the next issue of the Oxford dictionary will be expanded accordingly. Public transport from the airport to Waikiki is the #19 or #20 bus. Limited space for luggage however. On all public buses adult $2.50, seniors with the pass $1.00 and if the pass has been validated for the current month - free.

We had a pleasant time in the sunshine. We used our bus pass during our last visit, and so we had to get a strip pasted on to cover February at $5.00, however they finished selling the February strip the day prior to our visit, and you can't use the March one until March. When we asked the clerk how we can travel, we were told to show your pass to the driver and place a dollar in the slot, or we could hold up the pass and hope the driver is short-sighted and colour blind.

Fortunately the colour of the strip is the same for 2015 as 2017, so we had no problem! On our return trip, going through security at HNL, when the clerk checked our passports, she told us not to remove our shoes as we were octogenarians +, probably figured we would topple over as we did not notice any chairs around.

As during our previous departure from HNL, the gate staff advised us that the flight was full and as space for carryon luggage was limited, they invited anyone with carry-on that they would like to check, at no charge, please make yourself known.

The difference in capacity between Air Canada and Rouge for the 767-300 is 24/187 and 24/258 respectively, no wonder there is limited space in the cabin on rouge. Our traveling couple had already checked their carryon - at $25 per - as they would be unable to heave the luggage into the overhead bin. They were a tad miffed at having to pay when they could have offered their bags for free at the gate.

But the new angle in checking your luggage is that it is tagged to your destination for them, bypassing the customs. So the smart traveller would take advantage of the free offer, and have the luggage sent to the destination even if there is a connection involved.

While waiting for our flight home at a gate in YVR, we heard an announcement for another departure telling us that due to restricted space for carry-on they could be checked free of charge. In fact the announcement mentioned "Carry-on or oversize carry-on", how the blue blazes can an "oversize carry-on" get past the check-in desk, surely the bag had to fit into the metal template?

Anyway, onto the aircraft and locate your assigned seat, in the hopes that there is room in the overhead bin.

Parking at YCD (Nanaimo, B.C.)  is $11.00 per day for 7 days then $6.00 per day thereafter. Check with security and show your AC identification card and get parking at $30.00 per month from date of issue.



tmb 09 9 cartoon 1364Our cartoon is from the "CP Air News" magazine. Issue dated November 1978. by D. Fallwell.

Terry Baker, Alan Rust, Wayne Albertson

Terry Baker | Alan Rust | Wayne Albertson
Ken Pickford (missing from photo)
NetLetter Staff for 2017
(you can read our bios at

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