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Alan RustA Boeing Dreamliner drew a giant outline of itself in the air, and it’s awesome

(From the Washington Post)

Boeing 787-8 Selfie - On Wednesday afternoon, August 2, 2017 a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner took off from Seattle and flew about 2,000 miles to Marquette, Mich. It would have seemed an inconsequential flight — if not an odd city pairing — had the plane not turned back immediately and begun cruising southwest.

Just after reaching the tip of South Dakota, the Dreamliner banked right again, doing a seemingly random tour of the state’s airspace before turning south and veering into Nebraska.

What in the world was this plane doing?

The answer would become clearer after the Dreamliner had flown several more hours. It was then that flight-tracking apps showed exactly what the pilot was up to: Drawing a giant outline of itself over the United States.

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B787 SelfieClick on image above for (much) larger version.