Alan RustAlan Rust is the Administrator of the NetLetter and manages all the technical aspects of  updating upgrading and designing the website and it's content. After Terry and Wayne are finished with their jobs, Alan does the final check for spelling, grammar, structure, etc. and adds enhancements to the Netletter including additional images and links. He also adds his area called Alan's Space each week with varios aviation related items and adds the ACFN News when required. 

Alan's Bio

 I was born in Hamilton, Ontario and lived there until I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1968. I didn't really know what I would be doing there, I just wanted to learn a trade. Seems that my aptitude tests had me slated to be a "photographer" or an "Airframe Technician. I was mechanically inclined as I had been fixing bicycles, motorcycles and cars for many years. So an "Airframe Technician" it was.

I look back on it now and figure that was the best single decision that I ever made as it led to becoming an AME a few years later at "Peninsula Air Service" in Mt. Hope Airport (near Hamilton) and then led to a job with Nordair in Montreal. After a short time with Nordair, I was hired by Air Canada in 1974.

I worked in Line Maintenance in YUL from 1974 to 1986 when I transferred to Vancouver (another wise move). In 1989 I received my B727 license as a Certificated Aircraft Technician followed by a A320 license and then a Boeing 747 license. Again working on Line Maintenance which I enjoyed as everyday was different.

I started my company called Real Magic Online in 1995 and started a BBS (Bulletin Board System)

I took early retirement after 28 years in 2002 and being a Nerdy type guy, I joined a company called Nerds On Site as POD Leader for Vancouver. That led to expanding my own business (Real Magic) as well as the ACFamily Network, the NetLetter and others. We currently have over 80 clients including the Pionairs and the CAHS.


(last updated June , 2015)


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