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Produced in 1949, "Airline Glamour Girls" shows flight attendant training at the McConnell Hostess School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

McConnell gained considerable attention in 1947 when it was featured in a Life Magazine article that detailed how the school trained young women to serve as stewardesses and deal with (among other things) "drunks, diapers and double-chins." Some of the daily exercises practiced in this era included walking up and down flights of stairs in high heels, and chewing gum on off-hours to reduce the chances of getting a double chin.

Such was the environment that existed in this era, with only the prettiest being selected for jobs with America's airlines. The cost of attending the school in this era? $325 for an eight week course. The school apparently remained in business into the 1990s. 

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1940 stewardess training